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The Slayer is a weapon in Perfect Dark. It is the Skedar's answer to the Rocket Launcher - alongside the standard rocket firing mode, it also allows you to fire fly-by-wire rockets.

Fly-by-wire rockets start at low speed and accelerate up to top speed which is still slower than a regular rocket. If you hold A you can brake back to the lowest speed, though you can't stop completely. If you release A it'll accelerate back to top speed again.

You steer the rocket with the joystick. The rocket can move in three dimensions which means you can basically explore all over the level, including parts of it you aren't meant to see, which is why the Slayer does not appear when you turn on the All Weapons cheat. If you head towards the level boundary the screen will gradually go to static and the rocket will explode.

The rocket also explodes if it is shot, if it collides with any object, or if you press Z at any time.

The Slayer carries one rocket and takes a very long time to reload.

Levels on which the Slayer appear are Skedar Ruins: Battle Shrine and Attack Ship: Covert Assault.

Firing Range

The Slayer is also the subject of three challenges in the Firing Range.

In addition to these challenges, you can wedge the Firing Range door open with the crate from the hangar, then block open the testing area by standing in the right place, which enables you to fly the Slayer around the interior of the Carrington Institute. This is the only way to find the cheese on this level. (It's on a ledge outside, over the Institute's main entrance.)

Bronze Strategy

Strat here.

Silver Strategy

Strat here.

Gold Strategy

Strat here.

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