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Launch Silo #4

Silo (part i of mission 3: Kirghzistan) is the sixth level in GoldenEye 007. The formal name for this level is Launch Silo #4


Silo Agent Strategy

Watch both cinemas. Begin in left strafe and switch to right as the first door is opening. Ignore the first guard, kill the second and switch to the Soviet. Begin firing (this gun is LOUD) as you strafe down the hall, through the open door killing another guard, and up the stairs here. Kill any guards in your way; the door should be open. Fire a few more and reload as you go around the corner. This door should also be open, so kill the guard, around, and through the next door (which, in case you haven't caught on, should also be open).

You should've gotten some more Soviet ammo during that process; reload as you're going up the stairs and around the corner. In this second silo room, go around the big console in your way to the left, then right strafe to the stairs. Up and through the open door, reload as you're going down the hall. To the right, kill the guards; you may have to open one or both doors here.

Up the stairs, reloading as you do so. Hopefully you didn't get stuck too much in that area, 'cause there's tons of guards there. Around the next corner, through the door, straight to the stairs and go right up and through (you may have to wait a bit for this door to start opening). Kill a few guards and reload shortly before reaching the next door, which you'll probably have to open. Down the corridor, another door you may have to open but does get opened sometimes. Reload right after you get through that door and fire the Soviet constantly (which you pretty much should've been doing the whole time) through the crate-infested area, up the stairs, around the corner, and to the door.

When you get close to the next door, pause and select the Camera. Hopefully (this is one of the most problematic doors), the door to the final silo room will be opening. Snap pictures frantically as you strafe to the stairs. Open the final door if it isn't already and warp through by switching to a gun. Get ahead of Ourumov and left strafe all the way to the elevator, hoping you don't get backboosted too much.

Silo can be a very frustrating level to speedrun because you can get a great run going and then something out of your control messes it up, like a guard crouching and getting in your way or a door not opening. Look down and shoot the guards that crouch as quickly as possible; good reaction is essential to getting fast times on this level. If you don't care about WR speed and just want a decent time, you can grab the keycards (particularly the last one), which will save you grief with those locked doors that don't open. But you can't get the keycards if you want a time below 1:10. Try to use lookdown in the areas with lots of guards to reduce lag; the problem with that is oftentimes you won't be able to see that guard that gets in your way. Like I said, Silo is a very frustrating level to speedrun, so be prepared.

-Tyler Wishall

Secret Agent

Silo Secret Agent Strategy

Pretty much the same as Agent, you just need to grab the circuit boards and the DAT. There's four circuit boards, two in the first silo room, one in the second, and one in the third. The DAT is in the third room, held by the scientist standing farthest to the right, closest to those two huge things on the wall.

But another thing that makes Silo SA hard is living. When I try to go really fast ignoring most of the guards, I usually get killed. There is a Body Armor to the left right after the third silo room, but it takes a lot of time to get it. There's also a Body Armor in the satellite room, so if you make it there, grab that one as quickly as possible if you're low on life. And if you just can't survive, take it slower and play the level a lot until you get better.

-Tyler Wishall

00 Agent

Silo 00 Agent Strategy

Oh, boy. In addition to grabbing the four circuit boards and the DAT, you now need to throw a Plastique in each of the four silo rooms. Get yourself in a safe place (I go halfway up the stairs that lead to the exit of each room), pause, and throw the Plastique anywhere in each silo room.

And living is much harder on 00 Agent then SA. There's no Body Armor in the satellite room; the only one available is to the left after the third silo room, and that's only half armor. Kill guards quickly and hope for lots of luck.

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