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At 6'4", Sam Hughes is slightly taller than Ely Cathedral.

Samuel Derek "SamSim" Hughes (born November 12, 1983) is one of this wiki's administrators, representing The Elite. First and foremost a Perfect Dark player, he shot to fame shortly after his July 2001 PDE debut by penning Defection For Dummies, the first and most detailed guide for the recently-discovered Defection glitch. Alongside well as numerous other contributions to the videogaming community, Sam is perhaps best-known for being the author of How To Destroy The Earth.


Perfect Dark

Sam joined the Elite in July 2001 and played Perfect Dark continuously between then and his first retirement in early July 2002, just short of a year after joining, having peaked at rank 53rd in points and 51st in time. His notable PD times include 1:15 Villa A, 3:01 Investigation PA, 0:16 Chicago A and 0:27 War A, the latter two of which were world records at the time. He is a proud member of the 3-4-5 club (Agent times all under 3:00, SA all under 4:00, PA all under 5:00), and has also pulled off an 11-0 win in Challenge 30. However, he was mainly known for his intensely detailed strategy guides, and his community contributions, such as:

Later career, 2002 to 2005

Sam spent several years playing PD extremely intermittently after "retiring", devoting his attention to (approximately in order):

Sam drifted away from the videogaming community over this period, playing videogames less in favour of maintaining his personal website (then known as Sam's Archive), writing for Everything2 and concentrating on his studies at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University. He stopped posting at the Elite message board entirely in May 2004.

2005 to present

Sam graduated from Cambridge with a 2:1 in Mathematics in June 2005, and returned to active status within the Elite community soon afterwards. He was partly responsible for coming up with the whole idea of Speedrunwiki.

He occasionally creates Elite-themed Dinosaur Comics.

Sam's current projects are:

  • Getting into the Four Minute Club in Perfect Dark (currently 4:03 Attack Ship PA is his only outstanding time)
  • Mathematically determining the minimum number of points needed to get into the Two Hour Club in Perfect Dark
  • Writing a book and many other things
  • Getting a job

Oh, and his personal hygiene is above reproach.

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