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'''Lark''' joined the [[Elite]] in mid-August 2005.
Since joining, Greg has proved to be a solid [[Goldeneye]] player and has slowly risen up the rankings. In mid-September of 2006 he got his first two World Records - [[Depot]] Agent 0:26 and [[Runway]] Secret Agent 0:23. Later that year he tied [[Caverns]] Agent 1:03 and is now currently ranked 57th in the World Rankings.
Greg enjoys running track, playing soccer, having rap battles with [[Greg Woll]], talking to his buddy [[Adam Matis]], having serious heart to heart conversations with his bro [[Ryan White|Goose]] and hanging out with friends. You can usually find Greg posting on [http://perfectdarkelite.yuku.com/directory The Elite Boards] or in the [http://the-elite.net/chat.html Elite Chatroom].
== External Links ==
* [http://thengamer.com/xstats/elite/ranks.php?name=Lark Lark's Elite Contest History]
{{2012 Elite Summer Contest}}

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