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Karl M. joined The-Elite in 2018, with his first time worth points being Runway Agent 0:22, a tied world record. After becoming more known within the community, he took up the name of “BadKarl” at the suggestion of Berg. The meme "BKTAR" (BadKarl Talking About Runway) emerged throughout late 2018, as BadKarl would talk about Runway Secret Agent 0:22 incessantly, leading to the birth of this phrase. In addition to Runway Agent 0:22, BadKarl would achieve Dam Agent 0:53, Runway Secret Agent 0:23, and Jungle Agent 0:53. After Jungle Agent 0:53, BadKarl seemingly stopped achieving times worth points, or so everyone thought.

Century Club

On November 16th 2018; BadKarl, Happens, and Berg decided to hoard all of their times in order to organize them into an unhoard movie. The cast then expanded to include JDBlack21 and Yendis (along with guests Pauliwood, Dr. Light, and DuskyLW). This project was a lot of fun for all involved, and it includes skits, music videos, and a variety of other things as well. It was received very well by the community upon its release on March 30th, 2019.

Throughout this project, BadKarl grinded for several Goldeneye times (Bunker 1 Agent 0:17, Archives Agent 0:16, and Runway SA/00 0:22 and 0:35, respectively). However, he discovered that what he really enjoyed was Perfect Dark. As its name suggests, this unhoard project was when BadKarl achieved the top 100 in Perfect Dark (actually unhoarding into 75th place!).

Times Achieved for Century Club

  • Bunker 1 Agent 0:17 (97 Points)
  • Archives Agent 0:16 (95 Points)
  • Defection Special Agent 0:23 (90 Points)
  • Chicago Agent 0:15 (95 Points)
  • Defense Agent 0:52 (71 Points)
  • MBR Agent 1:13 (75 Points)
  • MBR Special Agent 1:11 (81 Points)
  • MBR Perfect Agent 1:18 (82 Points)
  • Investigation Agent 1:10 (81 Points)
  • Pelagic II Agent 0:49 (72 Points)
  • War Agent 0:26 (77 Points)
  • Chicago Special Agent 0:26 (93 Points)
  • Chicago Perfect Agent 0:28 (80 Points)
  • Infiltration Agent 1:12 (78 Points)
  • Defection Agent 0:05 (TWR)
  • Extraction Agent 0:49 (92 Points)
  • Runway 00 Agent 0:35 (93 Points)
  • Runway Secret Agent 0:22 (TWR)

BK Era

After Century Club, BadKarl achieved the Chicago SA/PA world records (0:25 and 0:26, respectively) and started going by the name BK, to try and forge his own image in the community. In addition to these world records, BK also achieved several other times, reaching the Top 50 by achieving Escape Perfect Agent 3:45. Starting on June 22nd 2019, however, BK would begin hoarding once again.

Project 2020

Starting on June 22nd 2019, BK and Yendis decided that they would begin hoarding all of their personal bests in order to create another movie after the success of #CenturyClub. The cast of this project eventually grew in size and featured runs from Kytoz, JDBlack21, Dr. Light, Yendis, BK, Wouter Jansen, JOEYhbg, Perfect Ace, and Calle W.

BK achieved 4 world records throughout the timeframe of Project 2020, in addition to several other highly ranked times. His highlight of this unhoard was achieving Infiltration Agent 1:10, becoming the first person in over 3 years to achieve the time.

Times Achieved for Project 2020

  • Villa Agent 1:05 (94 Points)
  • Extraction Special Agent 1:20 (95 Points)
  • Pelagic II Agent 0:41 (93 Points)
  • Rescue Agent 1:25 (93 Points)
  • Investigation Special Agent 1:59 (91 Points)
  • Maian SOS Agent 1:37 (91 Points)
  • Defection Special Agent 0:18 (97 Points)
  • Air Force One Agent 0:52 (TWR)
  • Extraction Agent 0:48 (TWR)
  • Crash Site Agent 1:14 (TWR)
  • Infiltration Agent 1:10 (TWR)

Post Project 2020 Era

After Project 2020 concluded, BK would continue to grind Perfect Dark for better and better times. He would achieve several high ranked times, but no world records other than Infiltration Perfect Agent 1:38 (Untied Slay) and Infiltration Perfect Agent 1:37 (Untied World Record). After grinding for 9-12 hours a day for almost a week straight for 1:37, BK would scale back his playing for a while.

Summer League 2020

BK decided to captain a team (#TeamTurnip) for The-Elite Summer League 2020. His team would finish the season ranked 3rd place.

In addition to his teams high showing, BK would reach 6th place through filling out his lower ranked times.