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== Agent ==
== Agent ==
*World Record Video
* World Record Video [http://www.thengamer.com/GE/15-Jungle/Illu%20-%20Jungle%20Agent%200.52.wmv Ilari Pekkala - Jungle - Agent - 0:52]
[http://dan01.com/gefastest/Graham%20-%20Jungle%20-%20A%20-%20053.wmv Graham Morris - Jungle - A - 0:53]
== Secret Agent ==
== Secret Agent ==

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Jungle (Part i of Mission 7: Cuba) is the fifteenth level in GoldenEye 007.


Secret Agent

  • World Record Video

Bryan Bosshardt - Jungle - SA - 0:57

00 Agent

  • World Record Video

Wouter Jansen - Jungle - 00 - 0:58

Special Strategies

Jungle SA/00 "Safe Xenia" Strat

The most difficult part of Jungle is probably killing Xenia without taking a lot of damage, which if you do, will always greatly reduce your chances of survival in the end. If you have seen the SA/00 WR video, you’re likely to be amazed by the way Xenia is charged and killed instantly by a mere 15 AR33 bullets. You’re also likely to be raped in a bad manner if you attempt this yourself. What you want to do is kill Xenia real smooth, so that you have plenty of health left for running the last part.

The beginning of the level, from start to the bridge, would normally be done WR-style with the exception of killing more than just one or two guards for some extra ammo (this especially applies to SA/00). Successfully hitting the drones with mine-throws in more or less full strafe might also be a difficult task at first, so you may want to alter your route slightly to make the throws easier unless you’re willing to spend some time practicing (and failing!). However, I encourage you to stick to the fastest strafe lines throughout the whole course since it will remarkably improve your time in the end and it isn’t too hard either. Anyway, now it’s time to kill Xenia, and that without getting hit of course.

At the moment you’re over the bridge, take out the drone behind the tree to the left by throwing a mine right at it in full strafe and detonate it as it lands. Then quickly change weapons to the AR33 rifle and immediately position yourself slightly to the right behind the first tree after the bridge. Now zoom in so that you’re aiming to the left of the tree in front of you and you should see Xenia running towards you. Different things can happen here, depending on if your position is right or not. If you stand too far right, she will see you and launch a grenade at you, which of course should not be part of your plan. Ideally, and fortunately in most cases, she won’t notice you and will come running straight at you. Just aim at her head/chest and keep firing, preferably without missing too much, and she will drop dead in a matter of seconds. On 00 you will probably need about 20 bullets for this, which means that you should kill two guards in the beginning, both with your PP7.

Now that she’s dead, continue on and make sure to pick up both the RC-P90 and the grenade launcher. The next drone can either be taken out by launching a grenade at it or firing with the RC-P90 once you enter the cave. I prefer the latter – it isn’t very hard once you get an idea of the drone’s location (it’s difficult to see it clearly) and it is also easier not getting hit this way unless you can launch a grenade precisely. So nail the drone, continue on, kill the guy in the tunnel to avoid getting hit and strafe towards the ladder. Having the RC-P90 equipped, switch to RC-P90/GL combo in order to warp the ladder and when you’re on the top, continue strafing and launch a grenade right in front of the first drone while looking down. Do a short stop afterwards next to the crates and shoot a grenade approximately in the middle of the ammo dump, then turn right and shoot a grenade on the wall behind the drone gun. This can be difficult since the grenade might disappear without exploding if you aim it wrongly. What you can do is keep on firing (holding Z) so that you also start firing your RC-P90 shortly after to make sure you eliminate the drone. If you’ve done everything right until now (with the addition of some luck) you should see Obj. A complete. If it doesn’t; too bad, but get used to it.

The remaining part of the level consists of smooth strafing, not getting stuck and not dying. Stay to the right of the rocks in the middle of the room, go in-between the metal crates and run like hell towards the elevator. Open the door as soon as possible and exit the level. Hopefully you won’t die at the very end, although it will happen sometimes.

  • "Safe Xenia" Strat Video

Øyvind Persvik - Jungle - 00 - 1:04

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