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{{2006 Karter Contest}}
{{2006 Karter Contest}}

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Iacopo Sorce

Iacopo "Nai" Sorce is the founder of N64HS, and was its updater for several years before he stepped down in 2001 and Andrew Kent filled his shoes. Since Andrew, Daniel Hasting had a brief period updating, and Nicholas Harvey has been running the site since 2003.

Iacopo's site was one of the first high-scores pages for Nintendo games. He did not cover Mario Kart (since it already had a large community, of which he was a part of), nor GoldenEye (for similar reasons). Interest in other N64 games resulted in N64HS introducing many players to the existence and talents of other players - there were almost 300 names on the charts. Iacopo's legacy is the creation of the NAI WRs, and the "Player of the Week" awards that are used in other sites.

In Mario Kart 64, he is currently 63rd, despite being a veteran in the game and not having played actively for many years. He briefly played Double Dash, and is currently ranked 308th. In Super Mario Kart, he played PAL but he never played seriously, he set his times when he was still a kid and therefore he is ranked 155th. In Mario Kart DS, he is active and is ranked 32nd. As he has competed in several kart games, he places at respectable 24th in the Combined rankings.

He hit only a couple WRs in Mario Kart 64: Yoshi Valley 3lap for a couple days in October 1997 (1'31"82, which was beaten by Kevin Booth) and both DK's Jungle Parkway times, for a lot of time through 1997, 1998 and 1999 so that he called himself "King of the Jungle".

He is Italian, and lives in the province of Rome, but he feels he's a true Roman, for he was born and raised there. He is still active in several communities under the nickname NikeXTC, but uses his original AIM handle of Nai1105 (NAI is Nintendo Alias Iacopo, 1105 is his birthday, May 11th).

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