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  • Don't sign your name every time you contribute something. This is already recorded automatically on each page's individual edit history. This is a wiki - information put up here is surrendered to the videogaming community at large. If you want your work to remain yours, keep it on your site.
  • Be bold. Don't be afraid to change something that someone else wrote. If you don't think something is explained well enough, don't add your own explanation. Improve the explanation that's already there. If there is an issue which needs discussing, raise it on the page's associated Talk page.
  • If you are going to copy and paste somebody else's work, you must seek that person's permission beforehand.
  • This is a wiki, not a chatroom, which means you must use good English. Don't worry if your English isn't so great, other people can edit what you wrote and fix it up, but try to do your best.
    • Avoid using the first person. "We" are a collective, so avoid talking in the first person or talking about yourself. For example, instead of "I do this", say "Do this".
    • Use the second person. It's okay to say "you" as in "you may find it is easier to do this instead of that" - this is an instructional website so it's okay to direct instructions at the reader.
    • Avoid using slang words or offensive language.
    • Jargon is okay as long as it's explained elsewhere: for example, you can say "strat" as long as you link to strat.
    • Avoid long run-on sentences or run-on paragraphs. Long explanations should be divided up into === sub-sections === to make it easier for people to read it and find what they're looking for.
    • Capitalize the first letters of sentences and use correct spelling.
  • Don't say anything like "IM me if something isn't explained well enough". People can point out things that need fixing on the Talk page.
  • This wiki is about taking gaming to its limits. Its release date, lead programmers, market performance and related controversies etc. etc. are largely irrelevant to speed running and don't really need adding. So are dumb, pointless tricks and glitches which don't save any time.
  • No antagonism, particularly antagonism directed at other videogaming communities.
  • Don't even think about attempting vandalism. We'll know.
  • Please... don't try to be funny.

Strategy guides

  • Don't create empty pages. If you don't have a strat for a level, or some kind of useful information about it, don't make a page for it. "Strat here" placeholders are the work of the devil. Those links are better left red.
  • Assume the reader knows what you are talking about.
    • Don't explain the basic controls.
    • Don't write walkthroughs. This is not GameFAQs.
    • Don't bother giving spoiler warnings. Nobody gets a world record on their first run through a game.
    • Provide links to explanations of terminology and tactics you use instead of explaining them all mid-strat. Create a page for each term and tactic, and link to them when they get used. If there are many minor such pages, put them all together in one big page.
  • Give a target record for each strategy.
  • Don't refer to your personal records when writing strategies.
  • This is not Wikipedia so you do not need to maintain a Neutral Point Of View. If a strategy is hard, say so.
  • Don't tell people to IM you for a video. If there is a helpful video, upload it and link to it.

What belongs on this wiki

On the main page for a game

  • A Short description of the game at the top of the page, including game name, system, release date, and prequels/sequels.
  • Mentions of who the world champion is and what the world record is.
  • A date for this record, as records tend to get beaten now and then.
  • Links to the place where this record is recorded and, if possible, to video proof of this record.
  • Links to other relevant external sites.

On pages linked to from the game's main page

  • Strategies for completing games, levels, or races as quickly as possible or for achieving the highest score possible.
  • Explaining alternate easier strategies is ok.
  • Tricks and shortcuts that save time.
  • Links to the fastest available videos underneath the strategy explanation.

Elsewhere on the site

  • Explanations or definitions of anything related to speedruns on the relevant terminology page or on its own page if it doesn't fit anywhere.
  • Articles about important speed running communites such as The Elite and the Speed Demos Archive.
  • Articles about prominent figures in these communities, such as world record holders, discoverers of major strat, and creators of competitions sites. Being a strat writer or editor for this wiki does not qualify someone for his own article.
    • Note also that you are not permitted to create an article about yourself, unless it's clear the article is needed. Whether you are significant enough to be worth of an entry on this wiki is for other people to decide. You can edit it once it's created, but keep the article factual, objective, and third-person.

Naming pages

#Redirect [[The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time]]

  • Other pages that link to the game's page should link to the correctly named page, not to pages that redirect to the page. Avoid double redirects!
  • The word is Terminology. Not "Terms" or "Jargon" or anything else. Pages concerning terminology should be named as such.
  • For an article about an actual person, the title used should be the real name of that person. The person's various aliases and screen names should be redirected there, as should his user page if he is a user of this wiki. For example, put information about the creator of this wiki under Jon Barber, not Ngamer or Ngamer64 or Ngamer's user talk page.

Guidelines for the format of each game page

  • Check the Game Page Template page, or other already existing pages to see some examples of what the page should look like. Of course not every game can use exactly the same format, but here are some general guidelines.
  • The first paragraph should look something like this (replace relevant information in each bracket):

[Game Name] is a [genre] released in [month] of [year] for the [system]. It is sequel to [[[prequel]]], and the series continued with [[[sequel]]].

  • To the right of the first paragraph there should be a picture of the game's title screen.
  • Then comes a == section == for Terminology and Tactics (if applicable), with the link to each page proceded by a bullet (*).
  • Then comes the Speed Runs or Time Trials section, with a sentence about the competition site, the current world champion, and the current world record (if applicable).
  • Then comes a === sub-section === for Level Strategies or Course Strategies.
  • Then comes a list levels or tracks, with the link to each page proceded by a bullet (*).
  • Then comes a section for video pages, a section for external links, and the game's category (system and game series).
  • On the page for each level or track, it should say:

[Level Name] ([Level abbreviation]) is the Xth level in [[[Game Name]]].

  • To the right of that sentence there should be a picture of the level.
  • Then a section for each thing that needs a strategy explanation.
  • Then external links to videos and ranking pages.
  • Lastly there should be a template featuring all the levels together. This allows easy navigation between levels within a game. See Template:Perfect Dark solo missions for an example.