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Goron Races is a sub-game of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. You play this race as Goron Link against a variety of other Gorons after you have unfrozen the Goron valley.

The record holder is Chris Rayola with a time of 1'03"41.

As for all Majora's Mask sub-games, rankings for this game are hosted by N64HS at [1].


Just a word of advice: we don't care whether or not you win the race, just what time you get at the finish. As with all racing games, the computer-controlled competitors cheat, cheat, cheat, and you can lose on a WR run if you're unlucky.

Now for the strat the video below isn't exactly accurate. At the start you should curl as soon as possible go backward and back toward the line and cross it as soon as it says go which will let you get your spikes sooner and you'll also have a faster start.


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