GoldenEye MVP Rankings

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The Goldeneye MVP Rankings exist to reward the achievements of those who have been Most Valuable in lowering The Elite's combined "total time" for Goldeneye by setting untied world records. For these rankings, every second a player's untied WR is ahead of the next best time on the level counts towards his MVP Total. Examples:

  • Runway A :22, next best time is also Runway A :22 = 0 MVP seconds
  • Runway 00 :37, next best time is Runway 00 :38 = 1 MVP second

The MVP Rankings

Last Updated 7/7/07

1. Bryan Bosshardt 14 seconds
1. Ilari Pekkala 14 seconds
1. Rayan Isran 14 seconds
4. Ryan White 7 seconds
5. David Clemens 3 seconds
6. Wouter Jansen 1 second

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