Farore's Wind

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Farore's Wind is a magic spell you can pick up in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Farore's Wind is a warp spell and can be used to set and instantly warp to warp points. FW can only be used inside dungeons which have a dungeon map hidden inside. It is not available in the overworld, inside buildings, in hidden grottos or in Ganon's Castle.

You get FW as young Link at the back of Zora's Fountain. Young Link CAN use FW, but as it is not of much use Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, it is generally collected after this dungeon.


When you enter a dungeon, an invisible waypoint is set at the entrance to that dungeon. From that point on, any time you go through a door between two rooms, the waypoint will move to that door. Occasionally the waypoint will move when you cross a boundary between two rooms - this happens in the Water Temple sometimes.

The waypoint is not directly of any use to you - it just serves to explain how FW works.

FW must be cast

  • inside a dungeon
  • while you are standing on dry land
  • while you have at least 6 magic points (your magic bar holds either 24 or 48 magic points).

When you cast it, Link performs a green kind of spell. Then a glowing green ball will appear overhead. This is your warp point. The warp point will be NOT be set at precisely the place where you are standing - it will zip across on a straight line and instead hover over the location where the waypoint is currently situated - namely, the entrance you used to reach your current room.

While the waypoint will continue to follow you, the warp point will remain where it is, permanently, even if you leave the dungeon. (What if you go back or forward in time?)

If you cast FW a second time (again, you must be inside a dungeon and standing on dry land, but this time you do NOT need any magic) you will be given two options:

  1. dispel the warp point
  2. warp to the warp point

Note that you can warp to your warp point from any other dungeon. This can be used to cross the entire map at extremely high speed. However, as FW is so valuable for saving time in dungeons, and you can set only one warp point, you have to weigh up the amount of time saved by doing this against the time lost for not being able to disturb the warp point.


In general, the more non-linear the dungeon, the more time can be saved using FW inside it. The Water Temple in particular is great for FW optimisation, but almost all dungeons have their own tricks. FW is useless in the Ice Cavern, which has no doors, meaning the waypoint sits permanently at the main entrance.

FW can also be used as insurance, in case you fall or fail to do an important trick and it would take a long time to get back to where you started. This is not a speedy tactic, however, and only for people who are unconfident.