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Egyptian Temple

Egypt (Part i of Mission 9: el-Saghire) is the twentieth and final level in GoldenEye 007. The Dot strat is often used on this level. The formal name of this level is Egyptian Temple.



Begin in either strafe and go straight through the pool room. Turn right once you're out and take as direct of a path as you can to the stair hallway. Open the door going into the Golden Gun room and run against the door in left strafe until it opens, so as to keep full speed. Take the correct tile path (2L, 1U, 3R, 2U, 1L, 1U, 1R, up to the case) as quickly as you can, cutting corners and stuff. I trip the drone guns every once in awhile.

Strafe around the right side of the case, grabbing the bullets. Open the exit door, strafe back and get the gun, then go through the open door. Open the next door while switching to the Golden Gun. Now fall in left strafe, and fire the gun right after you hit the ground, trying to hit Samedi. I hit him with my first shot around 4% of the time. Continue firing from far away if you miss; just know you lost any chance at 0:46. Once he's dead, strafe to the pool room so you can see where he appears, then get as far away as you can while still being able to see him.

Once he laughs again, you can shoot. It's actually a little before he laughs; play the level a lot to get the timing down. Try to hit him in the body, then immediately start strafing for the secret door. By the time you get there, the level should've darkened and Baron should've laughed again. Go through the secret door and down the drone hallway in left strafe. If you strafe past them, the drones will never hit you. Turn left in left strafe and fire a shot into the middle of the smoke, hoping to hit Samedi. I hit him first try around 20% of the time. If you missed, get closer to see where he is, then fire again. If you hit, make sure he's dying (if not, shoot him again), then wait a few seconds for him to die?

On Agent, Baron doesn't have too much health. A limb shot can kill him the first time, a body shot the second time, and a body shot the third time (usually). You will be waiting for the second Baron to become susceptible to damage, as well as for the third one to die. Usually he dies pretty fast, but every once in awhile he'll die really slowly, ruining the run.

-Tyler Wishall

  • World Record Video

Bryan Bosshardt - Egyptian - Agent - 0:46

Secret Agent

  • World Record Video

Wouter Jansen - Egyptian - SA - 0:47

00 Agent

  • World Record Video

Wouter Jansen - Egyptian - 00 - 0:47

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