DK and Cara Show

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The DK and Cara Show brings all the boys to their mics

The DK & Cara Show is a weekly podcast during summer season, covering events and matches surrounding the Elite Summer Contest in fast paced 30 minute audio episodes. Accompanied by the traditional leader (which was slightly altered in 2013 due to the change of name) and background music from John Coltrane, the show includes analysis of match results, discussions and predictions on upcoming matches and news sharing of anything game or Elite related. Guest seats change every episode, aiming to cover opinions and stories from a wide range of the community.

The DK and Cara Show is a rebirth of the popular podcast The DK & Comet show, airing from 2009 to 2011. After a years absence, the show was given new life after Cara replaced Comet as host due to his inactivity from the Community. Hosted by DK and Cara, the first episode was uploaded on 19th of June 2013. All episodes are edited and mixed by Cara.

List of Episodes

Season 1, 2013