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Control Centre

Control (Part ii of Mission 7: Cuba) is the sixteenth level in GoldenEye 007. The formal name of this level is Control Centre.


World Record strat - 4:00

Cut both cinemas right away since they don't matter on this mission. Open the door as soon as you begin to fade into the mission and right strafe into the door to get through faster. Take out the guard on the left while in full strafe with 2 PP7 shots. Turn right and quickly take out the guard in front of you with 2 more PP7 shots. Hang back while taking out the next guard with 2 or 3 PP7 shots. Hopefully you got a DK5, so quickly change to that without accidentally reloading the PP7, and get ready for the 2 guards on the right. If you hung back for a little while, the guards should be closer together. Take them out, and turn left to take out the last guard next near the computer. The main timesaver for this part is that all the guards die fast, especially the last guard. Strafe back to Natalya and hope she starts moving as soon as you see her. If she doesn't move, restart.

Now some players tend to look away from Natalya while she heads to the computer at certain places which may or may not save time, but to ensure a decent Natalya anyway, watch her run to the computer the whole time and pick up any missed ammo along the way. When she arrives to the computer, shoot her in the head with 1 shot. This is because you want her to open the door as soon as possible. After her first message, wait for 6-7 seconds, and shoot her between her left hand and her left elbow and back up along the right side of the wall to the back. Remain looking at her until you see that the door message appears. If it doesn't appear within 4 seconds of shooting her, restart.

Use a right strafe to the mines and hope the guard down there doesn't make you get stuck on him. After picking up the mines, head back up the ramp, and once in the silver crate room, use a left strafe and hope the guards in here don't give any back boosts. Start shooting your DK5 as you round the next corner to take out that guard who is in the way. Keep using a left strafe while heading up the stairs in the next room avoiding those guards. Have your mines out before reaching the door. As you open the door, right strafe into it and change to your detonator to warp the door. Now change back to mines as you open the next door, and hope a guard doesn't hit you here. Once in the door, throw a mine more to the right side of the glass that is to the right of the mainframe to take a shortcut, but it will also take 1/2 or so of your health usually.

Now as you get boosted, left strafe up the stairs, but if you miss them, quickly back track to minimize the time lost here. Open the next brown door, and when you get in there, start turning left, but keep turning left and head back out after seeing her message because then Natalya won't open the door, thus doing a warp instead. Throw a mine on the mainframe near you. Then double check to see if the mainframe you went by before blew up.

Next, head to the bottom of the opposite stairs and throw a mine on the glass to create the escape route and destroy the mainframe on the other side. Lastly, head up the stairs next to you and throw another mine on it. When you turn around, Natalya should be on the bottom floor. Change back to the DK5 and shoot out the screen to reduce lag. Once Natalya's first message in the main control room pops up, and wait 8 seconds. Once this time has expired, shoot her in the back to make the alarm go off faster!

From here, just protect Natalya trying not to get hit, and blow up the mines during the protection, and take out the computer desk near the stairs Natalya came from to ensure that she doesn't get stuck and such. This lasts around 1 minute and 57 seconds before the Objective B message comes up. Once it does, head back up to the brown door and open it, so Natalya doesn't have to open it when she leaves the area.

Head to the brown door that is near that glass you blew up earlier for the escape route. Open it, and then open the blue door nearby to head to the mainframe there. Get your mines ready, throw one on the mainframe (or near it), and get the hell out of there with 1 or more bars hopefully. Go back to that brown door and throw a mine on the last remaining mainframe. Once through the next door, blow them up to get Objective C to complete. Now after Natalya's message that you saw disappear awhile ago now, Objective A should complete in about 19-20 seconds. Take note of this as you get to the lift door, so you know roughly when Objective A will complete. When the time is right, go into the lift and hope that Objective A completed while fading out. If you see it before getting in the lift, get in the lift ASAP.

Watch or skip the last cinema and check your new time! It's pretty cake to get under 4:08 with this strat after practising it for a while. As far as I know, this strat can get as low as 4:01 or maybe even under the 4 minute barrier with perfection!!!

  • World Record Video

Bryan Bosshardt - Control - A - 3:59

Secret Agent

  • World Record Video

Bryan Bosshardt - Control - SA - 4:11

00 Agent

  • World Record Video

Bryan Bosshardt - Control - 00 - 4:13

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