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Castlevania:Dawn of Sorrow currently has no recorded speed run in a traditional sense; there are many videos depicting a straight run through of the game, but none put an emphasis on speed.

Standard Mode Speedrun

A standard mode speedrun of Castlevania:Dawn of Sorrow could potentially take anywhere from under 2 hours to over 4, depending on a number of different variables.

General Guidelines

The following is a list of lax guidelines to be followed when making a speedrun of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Though by no means required, they should be considered when attempting a speedrun.

  • The sucubus warp glitch should not be used for any purpose, sequence breaking or otherwhise.
  • The game should be played to the final good ending, unless a comparative run is being performed to demonstrate the differences in time between the three endings.
  • A clear game file should not be used, as it is technically not a "pure" speedrun, instead relying on a past accomplishment to hasten the present goal. Unless you, say, have two consecutive runs with the second being the clear mode of the first, then the initial run should stand by itslef.
  • Item and soul collection is purely optional. If going for a perfect item amd soul file, then a second playthrough of that clear file is required.


The following is a list of tips that may make the speedrun easier. While personal preference is also a factor, this advice should increase the overall speed of the run.

  • The Devil soul can be used in conjunction with a rapid-fire weapon, such as the Valmanway or Knuckles to rapidly cause a large amount of damage to bosses.
  • The secondary (Doppelganger) item/soul set should be equiped with ability souls (such as the puppetmaster and flying armor).
  • You can fully upgrade only one type of weapon to drastically reduce the time spent on soul harvesting.