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Bunker (2)

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Bunker 2 (Part ii of Mission 5: Servernaya) is the ninth level in GoldenEye 007.


World Record Strat - 0:24

1.2 Is a huge advantage on this level going for the time of 24.

Start off watching the first cinema all the way until the text fades away, then quickly skip it and the next one as soon as possible.

Here is where 1.2 gains a good advantage. start off looking down 45 degrees and immidately pause. (1.1 players can not look down). select watch magnet attract and unpause. use your watch magnet, start running against the cell door (1.1 players start looking down a bit)and with proper timing, you want to open the door and exit, pressing a to go to unarmed, pick up the knives and slap the guard in the head and open natalyas cell all within 1 second or so. This is VERY hard for beginners, and gets better with practise. I have a 95% success rate for this, while others have 2% success rate. Its all in the timing. You want to start holding z for the slap roughly when u exit the cell, then look down very very low, almost 100% lookdown for the guard slap, which should take him out in 1 blow if done properly. this was all done in right strafe

Exit though the double doors ahead, and pull out your kf7 to warp the door, and start looking up to almost regular height. You will continue straight, through the next set up opened double doors, then take a left down the hallway. Depending on your cinema, there may be a klobb guard there, and he may backboost you (or very rarely boost you). if he backboosts you, restart.

about halfway down this hallway (There is little pillars that stick out of the wall, you will want to start shooting just after this pillar, about in the middle of the pillar and the stair case ahead. you will shoot all 20 of your kf7 rounds while you do this next part.

take the stairs to your left, continuing in right strafe, and open the double doors to the tape from far away as you can. hopefully it opened, and the guards inside didnt open it first resulting in the door being closed instead. grab the tape in left strafe now, which you changed to as you entered the room, then exit in right strafe. Here is what makes 24 so much harder then 25 now. you need the keycard guard to be basically right at the intersection coming up, which happens about 0.10% of the time. he needs to be killed very fast (first burst of kf7) then you go down the stairs and run to the glass doors. upon opening the glass doors, you want to switch weapons back to klobbs to warp it, and it really helps if you are boosted through fast. continue to the exit switching back to kf7, then open the end door and switch back to 2x klobb for the last warp.

Secret Agent

World Record Strat - 0:49

Keep in mind constant strafing is being used the whole time, except when taking out cameras and keycard guards.

Skip out of both cinemas right away, if the cinema consists of a guard walking down the hallway with 2 other guards in it, restart.

1.2 users should be starting with looking down 45 degrees before pausing resulting in a faster pause and unpause.

Soon as you start pause, select watch magnet, unpause, press z and get the key quickly.

Never stop pressing up while waiting for the key so you maintain full speed (1.1 users should be adjusting to 45 degree lookdown at this point), open the cell and exit quickly. With proper timing start holding z for the first slap then slap him again, he dies and open Natalya cell then quickly exit the jail area.

Switch your weapon to throwing knives which you picked up leaving the cell. (If you didn’t pick them up, then this means that you left too slowly or at a bad angle which isn’t optimal for speed). Hold your throwing knife and aim at the head of the guard who your about to pass at the open double doors ahead and try to kill him on the strafe getting his ammo. After you throw your knife you’re going to switch to kf7 and still in full right strafe charge down the hallway at the double klobbed guard at the end.

Once you are very close to him shoot 3-6 rounds at him, so he dies as you’re passing him and you will get both klobbs and a keycard. (If you shoot him from afar his weapons will scatter) If he backboosted you, which he will do about 50% of the time you may want to restart or you may not. If he backboosted you multiple times, definitely restart.

Open the next double doors, and in right strafe kill the 2nd guard to your right to get the clipboard. Again you want to shoot him from close range so the clipboard is obtained rather then thrown far away and out of your strafe line. From here you want to change to left strafe and follow the wall then to the double doors (you may opt for B/A if u wish) open the double doors and the next set of double doors switching your weapon backwards to 2x klobb. shoot about 7ish shots of klobb at the camera (its glass should be pointing at you if you were fast enough) then continuing in left strafe, go up the stairs and blindly go into the next double doors room where the tape is (if you were loud enough it should be opening automatically from the camera shots you used before). You may want to switch weapons walking thru the door to warp thru the guards which may stick you up. switch back to 2x klobb as you open the first door of the little tunnel ahead, then start looking up, press b to open the next door when you are close enough, but you should be looking at the camera above and taking it out as you do so. After the camera is taken out the door should be opened, and enter the next room, take out the next camera around the corner with optimally 6-7 shots, then switch your weapon to kf7.

As you open the double doors to leave, you may or may not see a hatted guard with 2 klobbs.

At this point either of these can happen

a) You see the guard as you open the door: Ignore him for now; run around the corner the next double doors should be open, as long as the ones to the left of them. Run in grab the document, leave quickly as possible, and take out the hatted klobb guard after you do so.

b) You see no one: klobb guard should be around the corner, take him out as you run down the little hallway and collect your keycard

c) Keycard guard is no where to be seen: restart

So now you have obtained the keycard and are going back to the area you have came from. This time you want to take the double doors on your left, leading to the next camera. Sometimes the first double door may be opening as you arrive, so be aware of that and try to avoid possible door tag with the guard. Switch weapon back to 2x klobb attempting to warp the door. Enter the room go a bit to your left. This camera is very random with the klobb. Try to take it out fast as possible from far away as possible. The camera should be pointing at you if you were very fast (47ish~ pace). Exit the room and try to avoid a massive cluster of guards which should be waiting outside. Try to do the next camera on the strafe, but if there are guards obstructing your view, use the R aimer to take it out as fast as possible.

Now at the staircase, switch your weapon from klobbs to kf7, and walk out so you’re lined up with the far camera at the very far end of the room. Shoot as you charge it, hopefully it blows up. Approaching the glass doors in full right strafe open them, switch weapon back to klobbs to warp it, switch your weapon back to kf7, and back to klobbs for the final warp at the end of the tunnel.

00 Agent

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