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Military Archives

Archives (Part ii of Mission 6: St. Petersburg) is the eleventh level in GoldenEye 007. The formal name of this level is Military Archives



Start in left strafe, and quickly switch to right as soon as you're around the table. Start your slap as soon as possible and move quickly after slapping the guard, switching to left strafe, opening the door and pulling out the Dostovei at the same time, and exiting in right strafe. Go down the hall without getting stuck on the crates. Go up the stairs in right strafe. Halfway up, begin firing the Dostovei, and fire all eight bullets. Strafe past the Klobb guard and hope that when the Soviet guard opens the door for you, he isn't in the way.

Stay in right strafe as you go through and quickly turn towards the double doors. If you're lucky, you'll get a boost here (Bryan does in that video right there). Open the doors continuing in right strafe. This is where so many runs of mine get screwed. You've gotta get through so as to not get stuck on the double doors when turning right, but not too far or you'll hit the bookcase. You wanna go in between the two. You also want to use lookdown in this area; it helps a lot. Turn left after passing the end of the first bookcase. Aim for an angle so that you miss all the bookcases and just barely miss the corner of the railing.

Open Natalya's door and immediately switch to left strafe. Hopefully Natalya will see you. Stay in left strafe all the way back through the double doors. Strafe next to the railing (don't rub against it). As soon as you can see the glass, stop strafing (just run normally), fire frantically until the glass is destroyed, then strafe out. Once again, if you're lucky, you'll get boosted during the exit.

-Tyler Wishall

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