Adam Matis

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Adam Matis

Adam Matis joined The Elite in early 2002.

First going by the name of GoldenForce006, Adam is now well known on The Elite Boards as 'Matabird' which is an old wrestling nickname. Since joining he has worked his way up the Goldeneye ranks, achieving 5 World Records, peaking at 24th in his first stint of activity and ultimately reaching the Top 20. Along the way he contributed to the strategy of using two mines on the bottling tanks in Facility, which has helped others achieve World Records on the level. Adam has not played in 2008 so far but is very active on the boards and you can usually find him in Goldeneye or General Chat forums.

In addition to Goldeneye, Adam plays Super Smash Bros. Melee, SSB Brawl, and World of Warcraft. He is an avid wrestler and coached Middle School for 3 years where in his second year he led the team to a impressive 9-0 record. Adam's athletic skills are also well shown by his ninja-like ability to walk on his hands and do backflips off of walls. Working out is one of his favorite things to do along with drawing, gaming, and skate boarding. Making fun of Jimbo is one of his highest priorities.

During the summer of 2008 Adam will be attending Full Sail University for his Bachelors in Computer Animation. He has just graduated from his community college, receiving his associates in Illustration, and has been working at American Greetings World Headquarters for over a year. He has been dating his current girlfriend for almost 4 months now.

Adam also went to the Virgina meet in 2007 where he made it very well known that his actions on the boards are equal to his craziness in person. Most would say that Adam is one of the sexiest gamers you will ever meet.

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