Wario Colosseum

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Wario Colosseum (aka WC) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s thirteenth course, and Special Cup's first course.

3 Lap

1-1 = 1'04"5 - 1'04"4 = 2'08"9

Mid/high Exp. time


Start with a rocket start and then do a quick L, and then L over the turn. Then go over the zippers, and do an R. If you can, then do an L, but if things are goin' too fast, don't do it. Go over zippers then. Then make a L slide around the turn, which change into an MT. Then an R and an L and go over the eight -?- zippers.

Land with a slide and hold this one on, till the end. Make before you slide the fire blue, and after you did the spiral, release it. You can do an R, but watch out that you don't fall into the pit. Then you can do an L.

Do another quick L, and another one, and go over the zippers. Hold the L (or R) trigger so that you land early.

Do a tight slide, after a split second start changing that to an MT and do another one. Then you should be far enough to fall down.

So, just fall, and when you touch the ground, shroom.

Do an R, and another R, and then an L. Go over the middle zipper and fly above the pit. Then land on the other zipper. A quick L, and an L around the turn. Six other L's till the next zippers. Then another L around the turn and then an R. Finish with an L.


Don't shroom when you touch the ground in the quite middle of the track , when you fall down from quite high ground.

Fast Lap

Mid/high exp. time



There are two spots which saves 0.3 each, but because of the other shroom you already used, you can only use one of this.

Choose whats easiest for yourself.

-Start and and go over the first and second zippers. Then shroom as you land on the way which leads too the numberous zippers.

-Go over the numberous zippers, and when you land, shroom.

As for the rest, just look at 1 SHROOMER.


60Hz 2lap 1'57"547 by (Jean-Christophe Lacastaignerate) 58"295 by (Jean Christophe Lacastaignerate)
50Hz 2lap 1'57"016 by (Jean-Christophe Lacastaignerate) 1lap 57"773 by (Richard Karlsson)

World Records and Best Splits

50hz 3lap: 1'56"560, God+7 by Andreas Rudmarker
50hz Flap: 57"477, God+7 by Andreas Rudmarker

60hz 3lap: 1'56"384, God+8 by David Gutierrez Pena
60hz Flap: 57"472, God+7 by David Gutierrez Pena

Best splits: 58"519, 57"472 = 1'55"991

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