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Waluigi Stadium (aka WS) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s eighth course, and Flower Cup's fourth course.

Non-SC 3 Lap

For Myth/Titan times

33.1 - 32.7 - 33.9 = 1.39.7


Turbo boost , and hold R when you do the bump. Hold your control stick to the right , so that´ll let you make sparks. When on ground , quickly make those sparks to a MT and release it before you pass those two things that stick out of the way , those little hills underneath a way above. Now , quickly press R and go right of the zippers , and get in the sand . If you think you move slowly ,press R, get the backhalf of your kart at the hills and at the corner , go quickly back . It sounds hard , but if you know how to do it , it goes automatically. Pressing that R (I do L) would also give you the option to make a MT .When you come out of the sand after the corner , quickly release it. Now go to the zippers. When you´re at the fire ring , press R or L and some direction on the Control Stick to come at the ground like 200% quicklier. Make a MT to the left , and when in mud , use your shroom . Stay as tight as possible to the wall . When you come out of it , make a MT to the left , and turn the corner with another MT to the left. Now , it purely depends on where you are , but just a simple advice : avoid stuff with MTs . If you are quick enough , you can probably turn the next corner with another MT to the left , it depends on how the Piranha Plant is facing you . OK, if you can , then lets go on. At the bumps you see... no, don´t waste time on those. Just go to the left .Do a right facing MT ,but make it just so , that you stay left. Hmm... sounds hard ? Nah... OK , if you almost pass the last hill , be sure you are already pressing the R. Make a MT from it , and turn at tight as possible to the corner, and release the MT . Slide with a MT as tight as possible (but just enough , so that you won´t get send flying by the hill) and release the MT after the last corner. Go to the zippers , when at the fire ring press R and a random direction with the Control Stick again , and make two MTs , the side you´re facing to has no influence on your PR . You´re done.

This strat has achieved a 1.41.226.


Do an L around the mud when you should take the shroom . Then a quick L ,another one and then follow your way again.

Non-SC Fast Lap


When started, you take the unavoidable bump and then you go as normally in the mud-like sand. Now , when on that sand , SHROOM as tight as possible and do it so, that you'll pass the turn for half. For the rest, do the same as by 1 shroomer.

SC 3 Lap

Strat here.

SC Fast Lap

Strat here.


60Hz 3 lap 1'37"191 by (Marijn Jongbloed) 1 lap 31"170 by (Hendrik Bunde)
50Hz 3 lap 1'36"739 by (Marijn Jongbloed) 1 lap 30"715 by (Vincent van der Fluit)


60Hz 3 lap 1'33"900 by (Sylvin Rigal) 1 lap 29"426 by (Konsta Jukka)
50Hz 3 lap 1'33"007 by Jean-Christophe Lacastaignerate 1 lap 28"845 by Hendrik Bunde

World Records and Best Splits

50Hz 3lap: 1'35"964, God+10 by Kouider Benarioua
50Hz Flap: 30"644, God+4 by Kouider Benarioua

60Hz 3lap: 1'35"963, God+10 by Mike Koehoorn
60Hz Flap: 30"631, God+4 by Mike Koehoorn

Best splits: 31"640, 31"215, 32"483 = 1'35"338

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