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This page lists side leagues for GoldenEye 007. The main rankings consist of the Agent, Secret Agent, and 00 Agent difficulties. The most popular side league is "LTK mode", which consists of LTK and DLTK difficulties. No other side leagues have official rankings on The Elite.


  • The Goldeneye Turbo league !. First mentioned 2002[citation needed]. Play for normal objectives with the "Turbo Mode" cheat enabled.
  • Slapper League. First mentioned April 21, 2004. Play all the missions as usual except you can only use the slapper to kill guards and Trev/Ouro/Xenia/Baron/Jaws (with additional variations for locks, cameras, drones, etc).
  • Fast Exits. First mentioned September 6, 2004. End the level as quickly as possible without aborting.
  • Enemy Rockets. First mentioned 2006[citation needed] (see this thread). Complete the stage with the cheat "enemy rockets".
  • DLTK + Fast Animations + Enemy Rockets. First mentioned January 17, 2016.
  • Pinball Mode. First mentioned "back in the day" (Wouter), current reference date is June 6, 2017. Play with maxed 007 except for 0% damage so Bond is constantly being boosted.
  • Cinema 16:9 League. First mentioned April 05, 2018. Play any level on any difficulty on Cinema and 16:9 settings.
  • Objective Failed On Screen League. First mentioned May 5, 2018. Fail a level as fast as possible then pause out once the "Objective (letter) Failed" comes up. This can be done for any level that has the availability to do so.
  • Anything Goes League. First mentioned July 03, 2021. Use any combination of in game cheats to complete a level.

See the talk page for other leagues which did not make the above list.