Sherbet Land (MKDD)

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Sherbet Land (aka SL) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s ninth course, and Star Cup's first course.

3 Lap

For mid/high Exp.

27"0 - 26"4 - 26"6 = 1'20"0 with BT


Start with a rocket and do an R, then drive straight. Ride tight around the icy lake and change the slide into an MT.

Do an R and then an L (R may be new MT tech or SSMT )

Go in the ice tunnel, where the ice finally stops and is beginning into something less slippy snow, and do a tight slide with two quick R's.

A quick L around the other quick turn, then create a little slide for the turn that takes you out the tunnel (so not the right turn, but the left one)

Use a shroom on the snow path and at the middle of it, go back to the normal snow way. Take the turn with a quick R, then an L.

Enter the ice with an R, another one which can be an MT , another R without MT and do an R around the last turn. An L and an R and you're finishing it.

As for lap 3, when you choose to do the flap into lap 2, then watch out for the third and last blue Shy Guy that is skating. If you can't do a smart trick to be quick AND to avoid him , then just go around of it. Be cautioned that there are three Shy Guys.


Do the same, but if you leave the ice tunnel, do an L and am R around the turn. Then it start the same again.

Fast Lap

For high Exp.

Region: 25"4 - 25"9


Take the snow path for a longer time. Use your 1shroomer as normally , but don't go off the snow path. No, stay driving straight on it, and when it comes to 40mph (60km/h) shroom. Be sure that you do the turn tight, but don't hit the wall, as you'll bounce back with an incredible time loss.


60Hz 3 lap 1'15"094 by (Bo Garman) 1 lap 24"022 by (Hendrik Bunde)
50Hz 3 lap 1'14"357 by (Andreas Rudmarker) 1 lap 23"828 by (Hendrik Bunde)

World Records and Best Splits

50Hz 3lap: 1'13"974, God+3 by Richard Karlsson
50Hz Flap: 23"742, God+3 by Richard Karlsson

60Hz 3lap: 1'13"827, God+4 by Andrew Math
60Hz Flap: 23"674, God+4 by Mike Koehoorn

Best splits: 24"958, 24"621, 23"674 = 1'13"253

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