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Rayan "Perfect Ace" Isran was the third Dual Champion in the history of The Elite. Although not holding the #1 spot in both games forever since, Rayan regained his dual champ status (for the third time) in mid 2013. Many people think Rayan is the most talented gamer The Elite has ever seen and he tops the Rare Ranks in both points and time as well as the Rare Leaders by a very convincing fashion.

Introduction to the Elite

Rayan first found The Elite in 2002 at the age of 7, but his lack of confidence prevented him from joining. In the summer of 2005 he picked up a copy of Perfect Dark and one month later contacted Ryan Dwyer who added him to the rankings.

WAR! 0:25

Shortly thereafter Rayan shocked everyone by tying what was considered one of the best (if not the best) Agent World Record at the time, WAR! 0:25. Whilst video proof was supplied, being the youngest Eliter ever and claiming to reign from Pakistan, many suspicions were aroused over Rayan's legitimacy. The doubters were silenced when, in what is now one of the most infamous moments in Elite history, he subsequently produced a short film which showed what appeared to be him playing WAR! Agent and achieving a time of 0:26.

Early Career

Rayan's excellent play on WAR! was only a sign of things to come in the future. He continued to play Perfect Dark and in early 2006 became the first PAL player to reach the top 10 since Phil Hughes in 2002.

Rayan then moved over to Goldeneye which he played for a largely uneventful year, ultimately reaching into the Top 25 by the end of 2006. In 2007 he pushed on at an incredible pace. In February Rayan achieved what was regarded as one of the best untied sweeps ever on Train, with records 1:01/1:26/1:52. He then switched between Goldeneye and Perfect Dark for almost a year, finally plateauing at 3rd in PD and 4th in GE; highly commendable rankings for playing only on a PAL system.

NTSC Arrives

Due to his incapability of buying an NTSC system with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, generous eliters Max Bout and Carathorn sent him an NTSC system with Perfect Dark on December 2nd 2007. 17 days later, Rayan released 24 World Records, which immediately made him the World Champion. He continued to play Perfect Dark and completed such amazing untieds as Villa Agent 1:06, Maian Perfect Agent 2:02 (the current longest standing untied PD WR) and an outrageous G5 sweep of 0:37/0:41/0:52.

During the fall 2007 - late winter of 2008, Rayan went on to get many great records in Goldeneye. Among these were, of particular interest, Frigate 00 Agent 1:08 (3 seconds untied at the time), Secret Agent 1:02, Agent 0:23, Train Secret Agent 1:25, and a sweep on Aztec with 1:31/1:38/1:40. Eventually, Swedish Eliter Patrik Nilsson sent Rayan an NTSC copy of Goldeneye which lead Rayan to obtain many World Records, including Streets 00 Agent 1:55, Bunker 2 Secret Agent 0:46, Silo 1:02/1:10/1:23 and Control 3:59/4:07/4:11.

Dual Championship Reign

After officially becoming the Elite's third Dual Champ in June of 2008, Rayan had this to say:

I'd never thought in my whole speedrunning career I'd ever make it first in both games. It all started back in 2002 when I first touched the N64 system, when I was only 7! At that time, I never even thought of joining the elite, I just used to browse the pages and watch the videos for enjoyment.

Back when I joined in September 2005, I remember asking a lot of annoying question from Ryan Dwyer, and most of the other eliters as well. It's been nearly 3 years since I joined, and it took me about the same amount of time Bryan took to become Dual Champ.

I'd like to thank a lot of people who really helped and encouraged me to continue to play all the time. I needed a lot of help from most of the GE/PD videos, and thank the top players and their videos which helped me to learn the WR strats, especially Ryan Dwyer. I still think they are really good at both games, but have been quite inactive since the past couple of years.

I'd like to thank all the top GE players, Bryan, David, Wouter, Ilari, Dan, Alex, Henrik, Henning, Patrik and even Ryan although he's usually against me in GE competition. I'd also like to thank PD players, Otto, Max, Carathorn and Matt for helping me a lot. I also have to thank Glen, Leonardo, Guialberto, Eddie, Axel and all those players who encouraged me to play. I'd like to give a special thanks to Octo for helping me out with my proof issues, and Max and Hugo for sending me an NTSC + PD NTSC and Patrik for sending me a GE NTSC, which greatly increased my speed to become Dual Champ.

It's a really great pleasure to be on the elite. A lot of things helped to PR quickly, especially new ideas and strats that came out lately. I really enjoy playing GE and PD, and hope for a good, long reign. Thanks a lot, everyone!

In July/early August 2008, Rayan later left the Elite unannounced and his Reign ended on 10/31/08, beaten by David Clemens who then became the new Goldeneye champ.

2010 Return

In mid January 2010, a little over a year and a half after he had left the Elite, Rayan returned although he only made an appearance on AIM from time to time. In mid February 2010, Rayan picked up his N64 again and intrigued by the new Defense Strat, started to play Perfect Dark again. Within about a month, he managed to nab many impressive World Records such as Infiltration Special Agent 1:29, Investigation Agent 1:27], Air Force One Perfect Agent 1:26, Maian SOS Special Agent 1:53 and subsequently he regained his title as Perfect Dark Champion.

In early April, realizing that Perfect Dark had become dead, Rayan moved onto Goldeneye and achieved many great World Records such as Facility 0:44/0:53/0:53, Depot Agent 0:25, Train 00 Agent 1:51, Control Agent 3:58, 00 Agent 4:09, Cradle Secret Agent 0:35 and many others. Within about 2 months, he became Goldeneye Champion again. However, after about a week he was dethroned by David Clemens.

In August 2010, after achieving Runway 00 Agent 0:37, Rayan quit playing Goldeneye and Perfect Dark and later left the Elite within about 3 months.

2012-2013 Return

In late 2012, after having watched several other eliters streaming GE/PD on twitch, Rayan once again got motivated and returned to active competition. He quickly showed the community that he hadn't lost any of his skill and/or determination by getting several mind-blowing World Records in Goldeneye. Since November 2012, Rayan has achieved an incredible amount of hugely impressive times, many of them being untieds (and several of them being achieved LIVE on his stream), such as Caverns SA 1:19, Silo A 1:01, Control SA 4:05, Aztec A 1:25, Bunker 1 00A 1:02, Depot 00A 0:47 and last, but certainly not least, Bunker 2 00A 0:54.

In addition to all this, Rayan also perfected a small strat adjustment on Facility. By using this strat, Rayan managed to achieve an insane untied sweep (0:43/0:52/0:52), despite Facility being one of the most played and popular stages. As if all this weren't enough already, Rayan once again showed his incredible skills on Jungle by untying Agent with 0:50 in one of the most stunning videos you will ever see. Two days later, Rayan finally got the elusive 0:54 on the 00A difficulty. These two times were enough to secure another untied sweep as Rayan already held the untied WR on Secret Agent in 0:53.

In June 2013, Milan Pacino sent Rayan a JAP copy of Goldeneye. This made things easier for Rayan to get WRs on JAP advantaged levels, and it didn't take long before he had achieved Control 00A 4:07, Aztec 00A 1:39 and Caverns 00A 1:31, the two latter being untied World Records.

Since his comeback in late 2012 all the way to mid 2013, Rayan's PD efforts were relatively quiet. He did get some nice PD times though (such as the Rescue Special Agent WR), and did in mid-June achieve amazingly strong G5 times (0:36/0:40/0:51, the two latter being untieds). However, it wasn't until early July, after having achieved the elusive Caverns 00A 1:31, that Rayan instead turned his focus from GE to PD.

Having fallen to 3rd place on the Perfect Dark Rankings due to his inactivity, Rayan more or less set his focus to re-take his (dual) champ status by improving many of his oldest/worst PRs. In addition of getting many solid 93+ point times as well as a few solid tied WRs, Rayan also obtained several ridiculous times, including: Infiltration SA 1:28 (untying his very own 1:29 untied), Pelagic 2 PA 1:56, Rescue PA 2:38, G5 PA 0:50 (untying his very own untied), Rescue SA 2:16 and Villa PA 1:28. Rayan also experimented with a new strat on Air Force One which subsequently lead him to get untieds on the A and SA difficulty (0:53/1:19). Rayan's most recent PR was Infiltration A 1:10, tying one of David Clemens's best untied WRs.


  • Rayan used to have one PR which was achieved with 1.3: Bunker 2 00 Agent 0:58, achieved in early February 2007.
  • Rayan's first major PD World Record (WAR! Agent 0:25) was an untied by Karl Jobst. Coincidentally, his first major GE World Record (Train Agent 1:06) was also an untied by Karl Jobst.
  • Rayan always used to play widescreen since mid 2006.
  • Rayan had an untied Sweep on Train for almost 3.5 years.
  • Rayan's first GE untied was Bunker 2 00 Agent 1:05 which also broke the 1:16:00 barrier.
  • Rayan's first PD untied was Chicago Perfect Agent 0:27.
  • Rayan also broke the 1:14:00 barrier with Control Secret Agent 4:08.
  • Rayan is currently holding 11 untied WRs in both games.
  • Rayan is currently holding the longest standing Goldeneye untied ever in Jungle SA 0:53 (achieved 12th July, 2008).
  • Rayan is fully proven in both games.

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