Rainbow Road (MKDD)

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Rainbow Road (aka RR) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s sixteenth course, and Special Cup's fourth course.

3 Lap

1-0-1. For high hero: 1'00"6 - 1'00"8 - 1'00"5 = 3'01"9


This is a long, long track, so if you are sweating because you want to set a good PR for yourself, then it can be irritating the whole, long track (something like 3 minutes).

Anyway, just take the turbo boost and as you hit the rainbow, do the an R, followed by an L. Two more Rs, close to the wall then an L and release a second one when you took the hairpin turn. quickly hold an R and cut the next hairpin, followed by an L onto the zippers Do another R after the zipper runs out and you'll drop to the spiral,do an R fast, onto the zipper. Then hold one long L, cutting the spiral while hitting the zippers (see Marius's video)after the last zipper wares out, release your L, Do an R,L,R onto the curves, and L,R on the curves. cut the next corner so sharp that you character makes a "falling off" sound. While being transported through the warp, tap up so that you land quicker onto the zipper. When landed go down the following zippers, onto the jump, when you land, R,R,R, onto the the wall; Do the R Tech down the spiral and shroom, when it wares out, L into lap 2.

Fast Lap

For low/mid expert: region 59'4- 1'00'3


After the 1 shroomer, theres no really good shroomspot.

You could do it near the end, but the best is probably just before or just after the spiral with the zippers.

If you already doin' the R at the begin, then do it after the spiral. This is probably the fastest way.


60Hz 3lap 2'56"815 by (Aron Langerak) 1lap 58"238 by (Bo Garman)
50Hz 3lap 2'54"889 by (Hendrik Bunde) 1 lap 57"536 by (Hendrik Bunde)

World Records and Best Splits

50hz 3lap: 2'54"526, God+2 by Richard Karlsson
50hz Flap: 57"208, God+4 by Richard Karlsson

60hz 3lap: 2'54"464, God+3 by Andrew Math
60hz Flap: 57"229, God+4 by Andrew Math

Best splits: 58"299, 57"599, 57"599 = 2'53"497

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