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Nikolaj "ThaRixer" Sørensen is a multi-game speedrunner from Denmark and is currently Rank #1 in Europe in Perfect Dark, and #10 in the world.

Picture of ThaRixer playing Perfect Dark at ESA 2019

ThaRixer has achieved 19 world records across both GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, 18 of which were tied, 1 of which is untied.

Introduction to Speedrunning

ThaRixer started speedrunning in 2011 after being invited to a casual speedrun tournament on YouTube known as IAS or ImASpeedrunner. After the fifth installment of the tournament, known speedrunner Samura1man invited ThaRixer and other members of the community to join Speedrunslive, where daily races of classic videos games would take place. After dedicating most of 2012 to racing, ThaRixer realized that people on SRL and twitch would also stream attempts instead of racing, and this inspired him to pick up Crash Bandicoot 2 and Jak 3 as the first two games he would ever do attempts of.

Multi-game Madness

Most of 2013-2015 would be dedicated to running and mostly dominating the competition in Jak 3, where he swept every category world record in 2014. But already back then he would start to dabble with running multiple games. ThaRixer never stuck to a single game, but always maintained focus on never juggling multiple speedgames consecutively. Over the years Jak 2, Kingdom Hearts, Mirror's Edge, God of War, Dog's Life, Digimon World 3, and Ratchet & Clank would become games that ThaRixer excelled at, at the highest level of play. Whether it's an RPG, a 2d platformer, a hack n slash or a first person shooter, you'd never know what he was gonna run next.

Perfect Dark

In august of 2018, tharixer joined the-elite. After trying GoldenEye for a little bit at an AGDQ 2018 hotel room he was interested, and upon watching Irie Butler's twitch stream and RWhiteGoose's speedlore series on YouTube, he was set on buying a Nintendo 64, a console he had never owned. On his first day of joining, he we welcomed in voice chat by Sammy Rodgers, Randy Chapman, Charlie Yeudall and Luke Szklarz. ThaRixer joined at the heat of the Summer League 2018, where the top teams were duking it out, attempting to get as many points as possible. He was asked to join the wining team Buy the Dip, lead and invited by Luke Szklarz. They were missing a spot on their roster since Perfect Ace had dropped out. He accepted and got some decent points for his team in GoldenEye. As the pressure was starting to rise between the top 2 teams of the league, people suggested that ThaRixer should start playing Perfect Dark, since points were more easily achievable. Daniel Coelho who was also on Buy the Dip, shipped a cartridge to Denmark and he was hooked instantly.

Chicago Agent 0:14

The first big white whale that ThaRixer set out to achieve only after a week of playing the game was Chicago Agent 0:14, which at the time was a 2-way tie between David Clemens and Joris Quevedo. Since ThaRixer had not achieved anything super notable in GoldenEye yet, and had also only been in the community for a few months, many people were sceptical on whether or not he would achieve the time. After a 80-100 hour grind, ThaRixer achieved the time but was kept secret until the reveal of [k4]. This was the time that put ThaRixer on the map as a potential new top star of the game. Only a few days prior he managed to achieve Chicago Special Agent 0:25 and Perfect Agent 0:26 to sweep all three of the records on the stage.


At the start of 2018, ThaRixer, Charlie Yeudall, Jonathan Hauptman and Hayden King began hoarding for [k4], an unhoard of a bunch of top level times that had been kept secret for almost a year. Joris Quevedo and Daniel Coelho got added to the roster and the hoard was released October 19th 2019. At the time of the hoard ThaRixer had 1 world record to his name, Air Force One Agent 0:52, but in reality he had a bunch of records hoarded. ThaRixer was already seen as a decent player, capable of getting good times, but with the unhoard, his place at the the top was cemented and unhoarded his Chicago WR sweep, Crash Site Agent 1:14, Extraction 0:48, Deep Sea Agent 2:27 Facility Agent 0:44 and more. The movie can be watched at

Above The Rest

The closing run of [k4] would include ThaRixer's first untied world record of Maian SOS Special Agent 1:50, a time set on August 22nd 2019. Getting an untied for [k4] was a personal goal for ThaRixer as it felt like the movie was closed proper. It remains his only ever untied world record and it is still untied to this day.

Top 10 and Beyond

After [k4] ThaRixer got a bit burnt out but was still playing and pushing for one final milestone. On January 4th, 2020 ThaRixer entered the top 10 in Perfect Dark for the first time, and would climb later in the year to 7th place, which remains his peak placement. His climb to 7th place would show some of his best times yet, setting records on more complicated stages, these include: Rescue Perfect Agent 2:36, Defection Special Agent 0:17, G5 Building Agent 0:33, Infiltration Agent 1:10 and Defense Agent 0:45. The direction of ThaRixer's Perfect Dark career is unclear, since he is known from jumping from game to game, but he was an integral part of the surge of top level competition in 2019 and 2020.