Marathon Run

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A sub-game in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You can play this sub-game by fixing Gerudo Valley bridge and then challenging the Running Man inside the carpenters' tent.

As for all Ocarina sub-games, records for the Marathon Run are hosted by N64HS at [1].

The game is a flat race from the tent to the entrance to Kokiri Forest. You can't warp, nor can you ever fail to lose to the Running Man by one second. This is a deliberate addition to the game by Shigeru Miyamoto. Basically it's there to poke fun at people who insist on trying to beat all their videogames 100%, by providing a challenge they can never ever beat (and no, you CAN'T ever beat the Running Man).


There's a glitch you can do to bring Epona inside the tent with you which saves about 3 seconds. The discoverer of this glitch named it the "Master Glitch", and it's the root of many other glitches in the game. For the Marathon Run, it is used to simply be mounted on Epona upon exiting the tent (avoiding mounting her outside). Several other glitches are possible. Firstly, playing the Sun's Song inside the tent as soon as the timer start saves a little bit of time running to the door. Secondly, hatching Kojiro at dawn pauses the timer for around 5-6 seconds while the "your chick hatched" message is displayed. Finally, quickly taking out the Fairy Bow when using a carrot can cause the game to not register the carrot use, letting you replenish your carrots quicker.

Traditionally, the Marathon-Run has been raced using the Master Glitch (Epona), but not Swordless Link, Kojiro, Infinite Carrots or Sun's Song glitches. The best time for this method is '57 seconds on an N64 version, achieved by several players. Olivier Payraud was among the first to display the Infinite Carrots and Kojiro strategy, setting a time of 53 seconds. Using the Epona trick in conjuction with this makes it possible to get 50 seconds for the race.


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