Luigi Circuit

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Luigi Circuit

Luigi Circuit (aka LC) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s first course, and Mushroom Cup's first course.

This is one of the hardest courses in the game, because it's so overplayed getting a high rank is very tough here. Every small mistake is 0.1 or 0.2 here so you can make one or two mistakes and have to drive the rest excellent. Normally not a sit-down and PR course.

3 lap

Start with an L-MT before the zipper. You can scratch the wall a bit to land sooner and press forward so you decrease your chances of bouncing. Slide late into a L-MT and have your MT ready just as the boost wears off. Continue with a straight (aka "New MT Tech") R-MT, and another one, which you release after you’re over the ramp, otherwise you bounce & fly. You can cut the grass a bit here too.

Do a straight L-MT that is somewhat against the wall but if done properly you should stay on the road and another one after that (straight MT optional). A good driving line is to go close to the sand on the left. Continue with a straight R-MT and an L-MT.

Next is the most important turn. Do 5 L-MT’s around it and glide the first three, and go from the outside to the inside, although the start of your turn has to be tight as well. Try to end slightly facing to the left as you hit the zipper on the far left. Press forward again and wait until the last moment to slide into your L mt (release optionally).

The part after this is the trickiest, because there’s no clear driving line. R-MT L-MT R-MT, all of which are straight MTs, and aim for the brown part further on the road. Do 3 R-MT’s here sticking tight to the brown stuff (it’s very okay to hit it, it doesn’t slow you down at all and gives you the best line). Do a straight L-MT’s then a regular L-MT, and shroom just before hitting the sand around the last corner. Stick to the wall to get it perfectly tight. Build up your L-MT and watch that little yellow block with the star on it sticking out of the wall and go tight around it. Do an R-MT into lap 2 and do stick to the wall this time as you hit the zipper.

Finish lap 2 like lap 1, in lap 3 you build up a MT around the last corner instead of shrooming and release it as early as you can, then one more straight MT to finish the race.

This strat is written using 1-1-0, but 1-0-1 and 0-1-1 are just as good.


Very hard flap. Release your R-MT just before the finish line (not on it, you won’t have enough room and your MT after it will make you go wide) and do a quick straight L-MT. Hit the wall to drop fast. Do ab L-MT then a straight R-MT after pressing forward like usual, but stay more right. Shroom over the grass just as you hit the brown part so you don’t bounce. A good line to aim is shrooming through that flower that’s laughing at you. Get a R-MT ready and finish the lap as usual (see total time strategy), only more focused than usual because it’s your flap.

There is an alternative shroomspot here, cutting the sand in the long turn towards the left (it’s about equal). Make 3 L-MTs and as you press left on your last L-MT you should face towards the wall, then hit shroom and make an L-MT sticking left as much as you can. Hit the zipper on the left and readjust to finish the lap like normal.


60Hz: 3 lap 1'15"038 (Marijn Jongbloed) / 1 lap 24"381 (Marijn Jongbloed)
50Hz 3 lap 1'14"825 by (Richard Karlsson) 1 lap 24"304 by (Richard Karlsson)

World Records and Best Splits

50Hz 3lap: 1'14"434 God+10 by Richard Karlsson
50Hz Flap: 24"213, God+9 by Andreas Rudmarker

60Hz 3lap: 1'14"390, God+10 by Andrew Math
60Hz Flap: 24"139, God+10 by Mike Koehoorn

Best splits: 25"265, 24"457, 24"457 = 1'14"179

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