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Here you can find the best strats of the game The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Some strategies are yet still to be found for some minigames and the speedrunning of the game itself, but the players will try to provide the fastest possible strategy they can find, so be sure to check out the page once in a while!

One segment

So far nobody has contributed a strategy to tell the quickest way to beat the entire game from begin to the end. The timing when to start to time your run or to end it is unknown, but if anyone has information, then feel free to contribute!

For the current WRs of the game, go here

Minigame strats

Find your favorite (or your strongest) minigame and read the strategy that has been contributed by the great players of the game, beware that some aren't perfect yet, but that gives you a reason to experiment things with an existing strat. Try things out and who know you'll be mentioned for your contribution :)

Rupee Rush

There are two kinds of Rupee Rush, or actually two different locations. Both are located in the western part, for Hyrule it's below Kakariko Village and left of the Cucco Game location. For Lorule it's below Thieves' Town and left of the bomb shop.

No seperate rules, you need to collect as many rupees as possible you can find within 30 seconds, but beware that there will be no timer!

As you may have figured out or not, but even the greatest players are using a stopwatch to time their run.


At the beginning, the players first thought that everything would be random. All rupees not having fixed placings, but Alex Penev came up with the idea (and others too of course) that some locations had fixed placements.

The strat you will see is made by Alex, it's not confirmed yet that this is the best way to get the highest score, but nevertheless the best way so far discovered :)

Fixed placements:

  • Paper north, can be done with 1 wind swing and a sword spin. 2 blue and 3 green are to be found.
  • Paper south, in 2 wind swings all paper are then gone, do not spin as it's slower than just walk to the rupees. 2 blue and 2 green can be found.
  • The tree, it always contains a blue rupee. Shake it by using the boots and you get the rupee. Alex never mentioned this on the forum, but Michael Arends knew about this fixed placement. It's not sure if this can be part of the 30-seconds strategy without sacrificing rupees...


It's confirmed that the order is random and according to Alex it has fixed odds (no further details so far about that), you must be lucky to get the red and blue ones first which saves time and pressure. You can find 1 red, 2 blue and a lot of green (infinite, but don't pass 30 seconds okay?).


Difficult to guess, but so far there's an estimate of 3 red, 5 blue and some green ones. It yet needs to be confirmed, so this is just a wild guess. The quickest way is to use sword spins for huge fields and eventually take out small ones, order is random due to the random actions of the fountain.


Hammer is an only option, but what you can get is a few blue ones and mostly green ones (sometimes only green, so luck is needed). Grass around it can contain a blue or green ones, not confirmed yet what the odds are.


Alex recently came up with a strategy which gives you a possibility to get 500+ rupees:

Best order:

Dash to the left, wind swing the paper on the left, ignore the covered blue.
Walk up and spin attack the bushes, smash the meteorite and spin, blow away the paper and spin.
Dash the tree and spin the last bushes!

Not mentioned before, but you also see a shiny rock.
The reason why this is mentioned just now is because it's randomly placed.
There are 5 rocks and always 1 rock contains rupees, use your sword to 'throw' the rupees out of the rock.

The rock, just like the fountain, has a random order and fixed odds, but besides that it also has different setups:

  • Only green ones, up to 10+. (common)
  • Mostly green, but some are blue. Worth up to 20+. (common)
  • 1 red, 2 blue and some green ones. Worth up to 35-40. (lucky)
  • 2 red, 1-2 blue and rest are green. Worth up to 50+. (very lucky)

Best location for the shiny is near metoerite or paper, saves time.

If done all quick enough, then you've done this within 30 seconds and talked to the girl!

Great players time their run with these methods:

  • Timer on 25 seconds starting at the moment that Link can move
    • (For beginners) Set on 20 seconds which gives you more time to finish within the time.
      • (For Experts) Set on 29 seconds when you hear the buzz. 2,5 seconds to finish!
  • (For multitaskers) Start stopwatch when you hear the buzz. Game hits 30 seconds if your stopwatch hits 31.5!


Details soon

Cucco Game

How hard can it be?
Just evade the Cuccos and you'll be fine, but again there are patterns which are important...

Recently, Michael Arends just beat Bo Garman's time of 298.42 with 299.00
He's disappointed not having the 5-minute mark and not able what was next after 300, but he's proud to get really close.

Tips and tricks

  • Stay in the centre as much as possible, because this increase the distance for the Cuccos before they hit you when spawned!
  • Always look if you don't get stuck with an action, because it can happen that the Cuccos will take you out by trapping you.
  • Keep your focus, without it, you'll fail quicker.

So far the tips and tricks.

Now the following, every 100 seconds the Cuccos change from speed and/or type, here's a list so far known by the players who got this far:

First 100 seconds: Big Cuccos, high speed.
101-200 seconds: Small Cuccos, low speed. High spawn rate.
201-300 seconds: Big Cuccos, low speed. High spawn rate.
301-400 seconds: Small Cuccos, high speed. High spawn rate.
401-500 seconds: Unknown

Hotfoot (Race)

A race! Yes we have a racing minigame!

The strategy of this has been changed and improved many times, especially in January 2014 the route in some parts had big changes. The World Record went down from 44.7 to 43.5 in period from 16th 'till end of January, sounds like it was easy, but according to the first WR holder of 43.5 Michael Arends it was very hard to get 43.5 (same with sub 44 before the 'Diagonal Route' was confirmed to be quicker than the classic straight forward route).
The same WR holder discovered also that going left of the lake instead of right is quicker, but by that the screen below (the one with a lot of trees) gained a route which is very hard to do smooth without making an error. Alex Penev came up with the idea to do different ways with that new route:
A: The original way, hookshot the tree close to you and walk to the tree left and dash diagonal left up.
B: Walk and hookshot the bush, but according to him it's probably the slowest method. Of course this isn't tested yet by Michael who tested the last method that was mentioned:
C: Same as A, but hookshot tree on the left instead of walking to it. This method might be superior to method A since hookshot to tree reduces the chance to bump the tree diagonal left up, but it's not confirmed yet if it's slower or not.
Best time with C method is 43.6, so there's a chance that both A and C can be used for a WR run.

Enough history for now, if you're interested how the race was done before all the changes, then be sure to check out the 'History section' when it's up :)


First of all you'll need a Yellow Potion, Hookshot, Pegasus Boots and 20 rupees.

Use the potion before you talk to the racing bro, why? Because likelike will otherwise block your path, before the diagonal route was used, the sparkly monster was an issue too. (it still is, but only in bad luck moments now)

Tip: Always press L AFTER screen scroll! Holding L won't help, be sure to know when by practicing your timing with it!
As for the start, best timing to press L is when you hear the buzz. Take your time to practice and you'll find your rhythm. To stop dashing, tilt to the opposite direction from your dash direction (so if you dash up, tilt down to stop)

Here we go! Dash down and again after screen scroll until you're inbetween the walls. Then dash left-down until you enter the next screen.
Then continue dashing left, stop close to the wall left and continue to dash up. If timed well with the previous dash, you'll squeeze through the big rock.
Stop close to the small rock up ahead, try to align with the diagonal wall right from you, but dash immediately right-up!

Next part splits up in two routes, both seems to be equally quick, so pick a method from one of these two:

  • Zigzag (invented by Alex Penev): Dash right-up, stop close to the small diagonal wall, then dash left-up.
  • Straight (invented by Michael Arends): Walk a little to the right until you can squeeze the wall up. Dash up to finish this route.

Only difference is the spot where you come out, but both continues with dash left-up. Again, seperate routes coming up!

  • Bush method: Stop at the first castle corner, which aligns with the bushes on the left. Hookshot the bush, but the chance to hit the archer instead is pretty high, so watch out for him!
  • Dash-only method: Stop just before you crash into the diagonal castle wall, then walk a little, then dash left-up again.

Just as you thought it was the last split, then you're wrong, except the current version is now based on one route, but different methods ;)

Both begins with hookshotting the tree left-up of you, then choose one of the two methods:

  • Walk method: Walk to the tree left, then dash left-up, but be aware of the risk that you may hit the tree up ahead...
  • Hookshot method: Much easier to succeed with this one! Hookshot the tree left, then dash left-up, chance to hit the tree is pretty small as long you don't go of the line.

After screen scroll, dash up, but stop just after passing the lake wall!
Dashing instead leads to a terrible wall bounce which is one of the worst things you can get in this minigame. That's why you need to walk a bit to the right, lately the tests in end January 2014 came with a result that a tiny movement is already enough to squeeze the wall up ahead. Nice facts don't you think? :)

Anyway, after the 'tiny' walk, continue dashing up, but after screen scroll you'll need to hookshot the tree up ahead ASAP! Because a little green monster will block your path if you don't do it fast enough!
Use your sword to remove the bush which blocks your path, then go around the tree and dash up if you can squeeze the wall up ahead. Watch out though, this corner has an ugly shape which results in a smaller squeezable area...

Finally, continue dashing up, but remember this:

The 3rd tree (or 2nd from left) WILL ALWAYS BE HIT! So time your breaks, if you have faith in Link or just really insane (*cough* like many other top players *cough*), then try to stop as LATE as possible! The closest ever done was about the moment that Link would 'touch' the leafs of the tree, another nice fact :) (come on, it's piece of history okay?)

Then walk to the racing bro with the checkered flag! Best timing to press A is when Link is about a character's distance away (about the size of Link).

Have fun racing and go get the sub 45! :)


Octoball, a minigame based on lucky shots.
A strat for this is not really required since you only need to aim and hit.

Of course some tips will be needed for better scoring :)
So take your time and read the smallest strat of the game:

  • Tilt up for the pots in front (where crabs are hiding behind it). No tilt is for middle pots behind the crabs and tilt down for the pots on top of trees.
  • Based on what direction you like to go, there's a certain timing to hit the ball. Hit the ball quickly for right, hit the ball late for left or in between for the same word

Crabs resets the pot, you better break the top first, then middle and get the crab while keeping the combo hit for the crows (each 3rd in a row is a crow worth 20 rupees, crow is NOT counted to the combo!)

Treacherous Tower

Got a fancy strat? Check out the strats below if you have a more fancy one :)


Requirements: 5 Purple Potions and Pegasus Boots

Here we go! But it's actually a purple potion for each floor... the end xD


Requirements: 5 purple potions, Pegasus Boots, Big Spin (100 Maiamais), Nice Fire Rod and full health (sword beam). Optional: Super Net

Always dash up if distance is greater than the closest line of the retangle up!

1F: Sword beam and then use Spin when the wave comes.
2F: Use Spin, but be sure to take out 1 or 2 bats from the centre!
3F: Spin, that's it.
4F: Purple 1.
5F: Hard: Points sword south, use Spin instantly when charged. Easy: Take them out with regular chopping.
6F: Purple 2. But do not dash!
7F: Spin when charged, walk up while doing it!
8F: Sword beam the middle one and charge up spin and release when the northern one is in reach to be hit.
9F: Purple 3!
10F: Point south, Spin, if needed, do it again.
11F: Use the beam and spin when you're sure you won't get hit, use purple.
12F: Spin, walk up while doing it, Fire Rod.
13F: Go to centre, then Spin if they're awaken.
14F: Fire Rod, then take out the gurds near you quickly. Walk up while the fire kills the big guy.
15F: Purple after they started to move!


Requirements: 5 purple potions, Pegasus Boots, Big Spin (100 Maiamais), Nice Fire Rod, Nice Ice Rod, Nice Tornado Rod, Foul Fruit, and full health (sword beam)

Additional things to learn: (1) learn to adapt to randomness of enemy movement (react well for good Big Spin placements), (2) always pegasus dash towards the door after you defeat the enemies in the room (unless you're very close to the door), (3) learn to do 45 degree pegasus boots dash towards to door, (4) do your best not to get hit - sword beam is extremely useful throughout the run to minimize the effects of bad RNG, (5) memorize the sequence of all the rooms so that you know in advanced which items to equip on Link (this way you won't have to change items during the room you need them)

  • For the following guide, any floor with "(RNG)" means that your performance may vary due to randomness of enemy movement or initial enemy positioning*

1F: 2 big spin attacks will finish off the blobs (for the 2nd wave of blobs, make sure you are in the center of the stage).
2F(RNG): Big spins to take out the rats (try to get them all within 2-3 big spins). For the wave of Ropes, use a big spin in the center of the stage, then use sword beam to take out the top left and top right Ropes.
3F(RNG): A quick single tornado rod should take care of the group of Keese (Take a couple of steps forward before using it though).
4F: Perform a quick tornado rod, then finish off the Green Knights with a big spin attack.
5F: After slicing the middle Armos with your sword, charge a quick big spin attack to finish off the rest of the Armos.
6F(RNG): Try to defeat the Poes with one big spin attack. If the Poes stray away from Link, take them down with a sword beam. Straight after the poes go down, charge for a big spin attack to take out the incoming Hyus. The Hyus will always travel to the right at first.
7F: There are 4 columns of Rupee Like Likes. Pegasus dash between the columns to activate their awakening animation (don't fall into the pit!). For fastest speed, try to take out 2-3 Like Likes for each sword slash (having sword beam helps).
8F: Immediately charge for a big spin attack. Release the attack once all of Tektites are within the range of the spin attack.
9F: Immediately charge for a big spin attack, get up in their face, and release the attack to defeat them all. If you don't have sword beam however, there will be 2 surviving knights - finish them off with quick sword swipes.
10F: Pegasus dash to the next room (even if you're hurt, don't stop to pick up the hearts). You will naturally grab one heart.
11F: 2 good placements of big spin attack will take out all the Kodongos.
12F(RNG): Once again use big spin attacks to beat all the Slaroks. Hopefully you can take them all out within 2-3 great spins. Sword beam is useful against the ones that try to run to the corners of the room.
13F(RNG): Try to charge for big spin attack to defeat the crabs. Sword beam is useful against the ones that try to run to the corners of the room. Once the crabs are defeated, move to the north door and fend off all the incoming Kus that pop out of the ground (with your sword). Have quick reactions as they are fast!
14F: Swipe the middle 2 Pengators with your sword, then immediately charge for a big spin attack to dispatch the rest.
15F: Use your 1st purple potion immediately to take out the Bari swarm. Following this is 2 well placed big spin attacks to take out the smaller forms.
16F: Use your 2nd purple potion to end the Goriyas quickly.
17F: Take a few steps forward, then tornado rod the group of Tarosus. Then charge for a big spin attack to dispatch them all.
18F: Charge for the big spin attack while moving forward and release once charged (MAKE SURE NOT TO GET HURT FROM RECOIL). Charge for a 2nd big spin attack, but release it slightly after when the giant Pengators bounce off the north wall (their 2nd wall bounce). If timed well, the big spin will not only defeat the giant Pengators but the recoil from attacking will propel Link towards the north door. Make sure you are between the 2 Pengators during this fight.
19F: 2 big spin attacks will defeat the giant Bari (Do not move from the south door). Once it splits into the smaller forms, 2 more big spins will take out the smaller forms. If you still have sword beam at this point, you can take out the smaller forms with one big spin attack!
20F: Pegasus dash to the next room (even if you're hurt, don't stop to pick up the hearts). You will naturally grab one heart.
21F: Charge for a great spin attack while moving towards the center of the room, then release to kill all the Kyunes.
22F: As with the previous rats and Ropes room, the strategy is almost identical. The only difference is that the Ropes can all be defeated with one big spin attack if you use it in the center of the room.
23F: The vulture room - Immediately use ice rod. Then walk to the center of the room and use ice rod once again. Then face diagonal-upwards-left for the 3rd and 4th ice rod use.
24F (RNG): Use your sword to defeat the center Popo, then immediately charge a big spin attack to defeat the Wizrobes. Sometimes, your big spin may not reach all of them depending on where they appear. If you still have sword beam, you can blast Popo straight away when you enter the room, and charge your big spin right away as a result.
25F(RNG): The 2 most bottom Moldorms will always move south towards Link, so swipe them with your sword to dispatch them immediately. As for the rest, they move at random as always with Moldorms. They may be easier to take down after tornado rod, but make sure you catch a lot of them if you decide to use tornado rod (tornado rod takes up a lot of time). Another unfortunate reality is that whenever they bounce off the bumper in the center, they are invulnerable during the bounce animation, so watch out.
26F: Immediately charge for a big spin attack, then release it once all the Eyegores awaken.
27F: Take a couple of steps forward, then use tornado rod. Then charge for a big spin to dispatch all the knights.
28F: Do the same exact strategy as the previous room (27F)
29F(RNG): There are 3 Lynels. The immediate ones to take care of are the 2 that are closest to Link. Use fire rod on one of them (especially ones that face towards south). For the other (assuming it isn't facing towards Link), make it fall off the edge with multiple sword strikes. As for the 3rd one near the top of the room, you will need to take care of that last. You can use fire rod to push the Lynels off the edge from a distance if they try to attack Link with fire. The general idea is to push all 3 off the edge as fast as you can with sword strikes and fire rod. If 2 or 3 of them are facing south when the battle begins, good luck getting a good time...
30F: Pegasus dash to the next room (even if you're hurt, don't stop to pick up the hearts). You will naturally grab one heart.
31F: IMMEDIATELY move towards the center of the room (DO NOT get yourself hit!). Slightly move Link to the right, then slightly to the left to activate the unborrow animation of the blobs. Once all the enemies are on the screen, IMMEDIATELY use your 3rd purple potion to dispatch them all. This room may be tough to master, but it has to be done this way - Hardhat Beetles are a major pain to defeat fast otherwise, especially on ice.
32F: Immediately use your 4th purple potion to defeat this other-wise annoying room with the ghosts.
33F: Move towards the Freezors to activate their awakening, then fire rod them to death. Since you're on ice, you can preemptively use the fire rod as you move towards them to save a bit of time.
34F: Yet another pitch-black room. Without moving, charge for a big spin. Then move slightly towards the center of the room to release a big spin attack. Then charge another big spin while moving slightly towards the upper half of the dark room, then release the spin attack. The door will open and you won't even know what you defeated.
35F: Charge your sword for a big spin attack as you are going towards the center of the room. As soon as you grab the heart, the Zazakkus will appear. When they land, that's when you make them regret coming down.
36F: Move slightly towards the upper half of the room, then use the tornado rod to take out all the flying mushroom guys. This also stuns the Ropas that were trying to attack Link. Since they have surprisingly high hit points, you will unfortunately have to charge for a big spin attack to take care of them.
37F: It's the pitch-black room with the group of Eyegores. Charge for a big spin as you walk towards the next door. The Eyegores will awaken, but remain calm and hold your sword charge - wait for the 2 most northern Eyegores to come after Link, THEN release the big spin attack to take them all out in one go. Remember, you are always going forward as you hold the spin charge. The timing to release it is slightly tight but you'll get used to it.
38F(RNG): While you are still at the south part of the room, quickly melt the 2 Ice Armos from a distance with your fire rod. Then charge for the big spin to take out the incoming wizrobes. Like the other wizrobe room, you may not catch them all with the big spin depending on their spawn points. If any remain, defeat them quickly with your sword or sword beam if you still have full health.
39F: Against the flaming fire knight from hell, all you have to do is use the fire rod twice, then charge a big spin to take this guy out.
40F: Pegasus dash to the next room (even if you're hurt, don't stop to grab the fairy). If you are lucky, the fairy will be in the center of the room as you dash for the door.
41F: Move a bit towards the Tarosus, then use tornado rod to stun them (and to take out 2 flying mushroom guys). Big spin attack the Tarosus away, then move upwards for a 2nd tornado rod to finish off the remaining flying mushroom guys.
42F: Foul Fruit the Stalfos to stun them, then take them out with 2 big spin attacks.
43F(Slight RNG): This is the 2nd room with a group of Baris. Charge your big spin as you walk towards the center, then release once you're there. You'll have to do big spin attack two more times to take out all of the mini-baris that come out of their main body.
44F: IMMEDIATELY fire rod the giant Ice Armos without moving at all.
45F: Right after the Moblins notice Link, use your last (5th) purple potion to finish the other-wise lengthy room.
46F: Charge your sword for a big spin attack as you are going towards the center of the room. As soon as you are in the center, the Zazakkus will appear. When they land, that's when you make them regret coming down...For the second time.
47F: This room is pretty challenging to get down right, so don't be discouraged if you can't master it straight away. As soon as you enter the room, get beside the bottom-most Ice Armos (directly left of the Ice Armos) and use your fire rod to take out all of the Ice Armos. Then quickly slash away the regular Armos that are chasing after you. IMMEDIATELY after you dispatch them, go towards center-left area of the room and drop ice on the Fire Armos with your ice rod. While frozen solid, push them off the ledge with your sword.
48F: Walk slightly forward, then use the tornado rod. Then use big spin attack to dispatch all of the knights.
49F(RNG): This is the 2nd Lynel room. The strategy is identical with the previous triple Lynel room. Only difference is that the punishment for messing up is greater as they are the Dark Lynel versions.
50F(RNG): Boss Moldorm appears to troll Link once again. Two big spin attacks dispatches Boss Moldorm, but the recoil from using the big spins is insane, so don't feel bad if you end up falling off the edge. If the RNG god is with you, Boss Moldorm's tail will be close by Link at all times.

Note: If someone discovers a quicker way to complete a room, please don't hesitate to edit this guide!