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The Goldeneye MVP Rankings exist to reward the achievements of those whose times are Most Valuable in lowering The Elite's combined "total time" for Goldeneye by holding untied world records. For these rankings, every second a player's untied WR is ahead of the next best time on the level counts towards his MVP Total. Examples:

  • Runway A :22, next best time is also Runway A :22 = 0 MVP seconds
  • Statue 00 2:18, next best time is Statue 00 2:19 = 1 MVP second

The MVP Rankings

Last Updated November 12, 2019

1. Rayan Isran     7 seconds
2. Ryan Gibbs   4 seconds
3. Daniel Coelho   2 seconds
3. David Clemens   2 seconds
3. Hayden King   2 seconds
3. Karl Jobst   2 seconds
3. Mark Rützou   2 seconds
8. Aaron Morgan   1 second
8. Dan Parker   1 second
8. Henrik Norgen   1 second
8. Luke Pettit   1 second
8. Luke Szklarz   1 second

Additional information

These rankings are criticized from some of the Goldeneye elite since they fail to take into respect the strength of a World Record, as is the case with all ranking systems the-elite employs.

It is still a completely objective ranking system and does show who is contributing the most to lowering the total time, thus encouraging players to lower the total time objectively.

Special Ajbownes' Fool Proof Disclaimer

It is important to note that the people on these ranks possibly achieved their Untied World Records with the help of strategic developments from other players who may or may not be on the MVP ranks or even in the speedrunwiki community for that matter. It is also worth noting that the people on these ranks, regardless of their possible, though unproven lack of ability to come up with the strategy used to attain the Untied World Record, still had enough demonstrative skill to actually get the record, which was possibly not the case for the people who came up with the strategy in the first place.

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