Dry Dry Desert

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Dry Dry Desert (aka DDD) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s fourth course, and Mushroom Cup's fourth course.

3 Lap

For Titan and Myth

1-1-0: 30"0 - 29"7 - 31"8 = 1'31"5


Turbo boost and take 1 R in the straight way. Another which leads to sand , then take 3 R around the rock. Another R and you're able to get out of the dirt. A L around first Pokey , and a R around the second. Ride into the sand which is ahead , and you'll jump a bit , but not high. Instead of waiting ,shroom immediately , and when you're near to the end , slide to the left , charge up a MT , and release it when you make it to the way , this goes faster. Now don't do this wrong because if you do, you might ruin it all up, and that is no good for you. When you did this last MT, you were suppose to go into the quicksand. Well, you can do this whenever you do not go too far in it. Charge an MT up and you release it. Where you do, it doesn't matter, but you need to prevent making a jump when you go out of the quicksand in the end. You could prefer the place where your kart is half-way over the quicksand, but if you MT before you reach the white sand and immediately start charging up an MT to use it when outside of the quicksand, you go a bit faster. Then three Rs when out of it ; the last one goes right off the Pokeys. A R heading right , and then a L between the dark and light yellow sand hills , a R when the screen is a bit below then otherwise and then another R or two to head into the dark yellow sand before finish. A R and build up a R if you're flying (better not!) and a L to come out the dark yellow sand. A R and a L and you finish! As you did the shroomer in the first lap , you'll normally have no problem with the tornado on the second lap. Shroom there too (as its easier to do it earlier) Then finish the third lap off with the 0 shroomer beneath;


Before you normally take the 1 shroomer , take a L to the third Pokey and directly head towards the dark yellow sand , but be sure to not touch the light brown sand . If you follow the strat above ,then this is the third lap and you'd never have any trouble here with the tornado (as the tornado is on the other side of the track that moment) Anyways , take 4 R's , but don't head into the light brown sand. The fourth goes into the quicksand path . You'd better go into the quicksand in this case some more near the quicksand , but when halfway , try to head right (your kart will go faster forwards if you do so). Further in the lap its still the same.

This strat has achieved an 1:31:991 , but splits can give you half a second faster.

Fast Lap

For Titan times

Region 28"4 - 29"0


Same as 1 shroomer , but after the two Pokeys after the quicksand , do a SMT (only one recommended in the strat) , facing the left. Let go of A and quickly do a left facing one between the sand hills. Then try to make a long stretch sliding right to the upperright hill you face to , and build it up to a MT . If you're almost there , MT. Now quickly slide left , going to the right and shroom when you hit dark sand . Make sure you can get out of it. Now try to MT on the sand , that'll go faster. A L and a R always work. You're done.


60Hz 3 lap 1'29"750 by (Marijn Jongbloed) 1 lap 27"978 by (Marijn Jongbloed)
50Hz 3 lap 1'29"766 by (Hendrik Bunde) 1 lap 27"977 by (Hendrik Bunde)

World Records and Best Splits

50Hz 3lap: 1'28"868, God+10 by Richard Karlsson
50Hz Flap: 27"593, God+10 by Richard Karlsson

60Hz 3lap: 1'28"398, God+10 by Mike Koehoorn
60Hz Flap: 27"560, God+10 by Mike Koehoorn

Best splits: 28"993, 30"396, 28"548 = 1'27"937

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