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Dino Dino Jungle (aka DDJ) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s fourteenth course, and Special Cup's second course.

3 Lap

For mid/high Hero times 0-1-1 = 36.6 - 34.8 - 34.8 = 1.46.2

1 SHROOMER Same as your 0 shroom apart from you use a mushroom soon after the first bridge. After bridge L R against the left wall (Release the R after the turn). Aim towards the broken bridge and use your mushroom.I find its better to shroom earlier rather than later. This is because I believe while you are shrooming though the air, you are not going faster/much faster than if you were not shrooming. So you may as well get your full use out of the mushroom before you take off

0 SHROOMERS 2 Ls at the start, followed by an R around the stump. Do an L against the wall and release after the small dip. Do an R an aim though the legs (go to the right of the legs if you feel more comfortable this way). Two R's going into and in the tunnel and a quick L, R (If you can squeeze the 'L' in). Obvioulsy go on the path with the boost :) ... R L on the bridge. L and R against the left wall (hold and release the R after the turn). L R (release the R just before you go past the water) R L R. L (air MT) Release this before you hit the ground. R L R across the bridge. Get an L ready in the air and hold this all the way round the corner (keep very tight) Release the L. R down the bumps (grey track) and get an L ready and release when you get back on the brown track. Go up one of the four bumps (gaining as little air as possible) and get an air MT ready and release when you land which will start the next lap.

2 SHROOMERS Same as your 1 shroom until the bridge near the end. R L R across the bridge. Get an L ready in the air and after you land use your mushroom around the final corner. Release the L. R down the bumps...

Fast Lap

For mid/high Exp.

Region 36.0 - 36.5


When you do the 1st shroomer , right as you land on the ground , use your second one. Its also possible , if you're doin' the hard one , to do the shroom just after the last turn , before the bumps.


60Hz 3lap 1'42"754 by (Olivier P) 1lap 33"165 by (Olivier P)
50Hz 3lap 1'41"773 by (Hendrik Bunde) 1lap 32"983 by (Konsta Jukka)

World Records and Best Splits

50hz 3lap: 1'41"508, God+6 by Richard Karlsson
50hz Flap: 32"831, God+4 by Richard Karlsson

60hz 3lap: 1'41"429, God+6 by Mike Koehoorn
60hz Flap: 32"799, God+5 by Mike Koehoorn

Best splits: 34"159, 33"159, 33"159 = 1'40"477

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