DK Mountain

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DK Mountain (aka DKM) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s twelfth course, and Star Cup's fourth course.

3 Lap

37.1 -36.6 -36.6 = 1.50.1 Low Hero and high Expert


The Toad Kart is best for experts, but if you're already famous with the Barrel Train on this track, use it. OK. Turboboost and take a L. Take a left-facing slide and push the controller to the right. On the halfway of the turn , make the sparks blue and you have a L. Release A, of course. Then create another L. Get shot by the cannon, and when halfway, press R repeatedly. Not because of you'll go much faster ,but because of you are doing warming-up for your R tech. When on the ground, take directly a right-facing slide (push controller to the left) and press R as fast as you can repeatedly. Now, near you go to lower ground, go to the upperright part of the way; you won't make a jump and this will let you go faster. Now do some Ls here and Rs there till you reach the gate where the first boulders smash against it. Be sure you hit the wall, but that you're able to go directly to the other way behind the gate. Now do the same with the wooden fence at the left , and then do the same again with the other wooden fence at the right to bypass the canyon. Do a R , then a L . MTing on the bridge is dangerous, especially with the TK. Do it just after the bridge. Your first lap is done.


The same , but when you bypass the canyon and hit solid ground again , shroom !

This strat has achieved a 1:51:550.

Fast Lap

2 SHROOMERS Same as 1 shroomer , but when you hit solid ground after the cannon , shroom . You can also shroom when you go on lower ground after that .


60Hz 3lap 1'44"649 by (Matt Tanzer) 1lap 33"726 by (Bo Garman)
50Hz 3lap 1'43"222 by (Vincent van der Fluit) 1lap 33"403 by (Vincent van der Fluit)

World Records and Best Splits

50Hz 3lap: 1'42"751, God+2 by Richard Karlsson
50Hz Flap: 33"265, God+5 by Richard Karlsson

60Hz 3lap: 1'42"026, God+6 by Mike Koehoorn
60Hz Flap: 0'33"247, God+5 by Andrew Math

Best splits: 34"299, 33"621, 33"621 = 1'41"541

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