Bowser's Castle (MKDD)

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Bowser's Castle (aka BC) is Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s fifteenth course, and Special Cup's third course.

3 Lap

For mid/high Exp. 1-1-0 50.3 - 49.2 - 49.4 = 2.28.9


Hmm... Quite hard track , as there is a change of 65% that you bump into a Thwomp , sometimes even in lava , but most commonly at the firebar in the very middle of the track . Then you should not fall off the castle , ohh.... To bad that they put tracks in it like this one. Oh well , just take the turboboost and create a SSMT R at the bridge . Sometimes you fall off , try to avoid that. Take the right path with two L's against the wall, then go to the other path with the other Thwomps and do the same direction and amount of SSMT's , only you should go fast enough to cross off a bit with the last L before the Thwomp falls down.If you cross that little piece off , then you only can go to the left side. Take the zippers , and stay tight to the wall.The best thing to do this , is to do direct after you land on the ground a slide to the left. Change that to a MT when above , and if you doin' it exactly the same , you should be able to do a L when between the first and second from the middle wall , and then the at that moment right half of the firebar . Its a bit hard to explain it. After that a quick L to cut off somewhat and then a quick L to complete the little cut. Go above , and try to hit the wall as you slide . Not too strong , because you'll be stuck or you'll turn backwards. After that a L and a sharp R . If you don't hit the left wall when you enter the 'lava room' , then that saves a few split seconds. Now , the fireballs can be a little problem that the Mecha Bowser constantly shoot to the straight. Try to push your thumb as hard as possible , and then go over the hole . Its fastest when you do it like this -hard to explain- ; Just before you should go over the lava pit , create a L slide (not a MT yet) and try to avoid the right wall by just a hair at the back side of your kart . Don't move the control stick now , and just before you hit the ground , move it a bit . And when you hit the ground , move like you're crazy . Sometimes you get hit by the fireball , but with this trick , its most commonly that you accidently turn backwards and that you fall in the lava pit . It needs a few tries. Then make it to a L MT and use it . A R and a L and then take the zippers and o please don't use the L or R trigger here to already create a R or L ; then you aren't high enough to reach the ground again , and you'll fall into the water. After landing and just before finish , head left to the mud-like sand , and shroom! Cut off as many as possible , but do get on the road again before the shroom runs out . The shroom normally last until the finish line.


Same , but just take the normal way at the end.

Fast Lap

For mid/high Exp.

Region 48.5 - 49.2


There is'nt a super shroom spot at this track , but if you must choose , then definitly choose this one. If you did the trick over the lava pit , just after you passed the left wall (beginning of a quite long straight road that leads to zippers) shroom! But still the shroom at the 1 shroomer cuts off most.


60Hz 3lap 2'18"288 by (Matt Tanzer) 1lap 45"132 by (Olivier P)
50Hz 3lap 2'17"881 by (Richard Karlsson 1lap 44"906 by (Richard Karlsson)

World Records and Best Splits

50Hz 3lap: 2'17"402, God+4 by Richard Karlsson
50Hz Flap: 44"606, God+10 by Kouider Benarioua

60Hz 3lap: 2'16"892, God+10 by Andrew Math
60Hz Flap: 44"662, God+10 by Andrew Math

Best splits: 45"769, 44"899, 44"899 = 2'15"567

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