2009 Craption Sunday

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It's 2009 Craption Sunday! Let's see who came up with the best captions for these 10 (plus TB) images!

Final Results

1. QB - 14 points
2. Ngamer - 12 points (won TB)
3. DK - 12 points (2nd place in TB)
4. Cara - 12 points
5. Jimbo - 9 points
6. Mgay - 7 points
7. Third - 6 points
7. Mark - 6 points
9. Ninja - 3 points

Craption TB


1. A strip search now and a reach-around back at the station. (DK) - 1
2. Jeez, when we said Sophie kept him on a tight leash I thought we were just joking! (Ngamer) - 3
3. Ryan White in 15 years. (Cara) - x

Craption #10


1. "Dude, Hogwarts is at platform NINE and three quarters." (Third) - 1
2. To speak with a real person, please press 7 now. (Jimbo) - 2
3. HERRO! (Mark) - 2
4. "lol dude I got stuck in this ticket machine. If you order like 10 tickets I just MIGHT be able to roll back out!" (Cara) - x
5. "Excuse me, do you have the time?" (Mgay) - 1
6. Men Nguyen falls on hard times. (QB) - x
7. THERE IS NO BATHROOM back here and I have to pee! (DK) - 1
8. Funny goes here! (Ngamer) - 1

Craption #9


1. QB making his weekly collections. (Jimbo) - 1
2. Bullied by his peers, Croc "stumpy arm" O'Dile tried Mrs Barrett's house for some comfort. (Mark) - x
3. The doorknob's on the other side, moron. (QB) - 4
4. "That's an alligator!" "No, it's a crocodile!" "Mom! Is that an alligator or a crocodile?!" "HOLY ****!" (Third) - 1
5. Shit, locked myself out again. (DK) - 2
6. "They've... learned how to open doors?" ~I PURR, JACKASS (Ngamer) - x
7. The President of Brazil visits the White House. (Cara) - x
8. Door-to-door evangelicals are now employing more advanced techniques. (Mgay) - x

Craption #8


1. Jimbo's station wagon would actually come in handy here.... nah he's still a douchebag. (Jimbo) - 1
2. "Come on guys keep drinking, we have to fill this whole car if we want the record!" (Third) - x
3. I was just holding it for a friend! Honest! (QB) - 1
4. Young Offenders and Greenpeace enthusiasts convention. (Mark) - x
5. Somehow, PDO still managed to shoot the officer a shocked expression when asked if he'd been drinking that night. (Ngamer) - 2
6. Max Bout visits the VA meet. (Cara) - 3
7. Ya make me take off my shoes before ya let me get in! (DK) - 1
8. A typical example of a Tuesday evening on a college campus. (Mgay) - x

Craption #7


1. When Chewbacca's son died, they started to shave him for the autopsy, but it was taking too long. (Third) - 1
2. Goose thought he had it made after getting hired at the zoo. 9 months later, however, he was was given a lifetime ban from the monkey cages. (Ngamer) - 3
3. The flowers match the table cloth well, I'd say. (Jimbo) - x
4. His last wish in life was to die swimming in a sea of gravy, with several cows floating beside him and plenty of ketchup to stuff his midget face with. (Mark) - x
5. He got a little sleepy after eating that plate of spaghetti and meatballs. (DK) - 1
6. Is that Ben Stiller? Or...oh, I think it's one of those fruity little Star Wars guys. The Ewoks or whatever. But it really does look sort of like Ben Stiller in Zoolander. Why is he dead though? Did somebody hurt him? He's all bloody around his face like he took a QB punch right in the mouth. I kind of feel sorry for the little guy. Shit, what a way to go. Goodnight, sweet prince. Man, I think we should hold a funeral for this little guy. Just name the time and place. I'll be there. I want to lay this little guy to rest. It's really a shame that some selfish bastard did this to him. I can't believe our world can be so cruel. I mean, one second you're scavenging around the forest floor, minding your own business...next thing you know, you're lying stiff with blood pouring out of you. I feel scared for my own life now. I don't know where this fear is coming from but I just can't shake it. I'm actually starting to cry. I hate this feeling. This is the worst picture I've ever seen. I hope I don't ever see it again, but I know I can't unsee it now that I've seen it. This sucks. I won't be able to sleep tonight. Oh well, gonna go grab some food and watch Scrubs. (QB) - 1
7. Child of Pierce Brosnan & Bon Jovi FOUND DEAD! (Cara) - x
8. 9-year old Timmy Thompson wins his local science fair with this dubious display of genetic engineering. (Mgay) - 2

Craption #6


1. Jimbo got hungry, what the hell else can you say? (Jimbo) - x
2. ...these goddamn awful photoshop skills. (Mark) - x
3. It doesn't matter what the last word is. If you see a sign with a bite taken out of it, you RUN. (Mgay) - 3
4. It says beware of the dropoff. I guess some animal bit it. (Third) - x
5. "Termites," maybe? (Ngamer) - 1
6. A Jimbo reference is too easy here, so let's just say the sign said... "Beware of the Jimbo". Shit, oh well. (DK) - x
7. Beware of the NOTHING. (Cara) - 2
8. Jimbo selfishly sentences hundreds of ignorant hikers to a grizzly death. (QB) - x

Craption #5


1. Eddie Lovins, after finally getting Runway A 0:22. (Jimbo) - 1
2. The world's largest penis and testicles, with an average man sitting on top for comparison. (Third) - x
3. What Jimbo sees in his head when he thinks about the "king of the world" scene from Titanic. (DK) - 2
4. A fine recovery of a 12th century canon. (Cara) - 1
5. A photo of the crime scene, where one Jon Barber was arrested late Friday evening for lewd conduct and indecent exposure. The statue has since been sanitized and re-opened to the public. (QB) - 3
6. Oh wow! For a moment there I thought this statue was obscene. Then I looked more closely, and... wait a minute. (Ngamer) - 1
7. As evidenced by this statue, strange sexual fetishes are nothing new. (Mgay) - x

Craption #4


1. Is that lead singer wearing a top hat? For a moment there I thought this party lacked class. (Ngamer) - 1
2. It's a giant crab-walk. That's all it is! (Third) - 1
3. This is what the Russian national gymnastics team does in their free time. (Mgay) - x
4. Design flaw in new tampons have disastrous consequences. (Cara) - 4
5. When Jimbo saw an advert to get down and dirty on your knees with bright, bold women... this isn't what he expected. (Mark) - 1
6. Harold gets tangled up in a Satan Octopus. (QB) - 1
7. Ngamer's version of the conga line. (DK) - x
8. A dramatic recreation from the final moments aboard Titanic. The band in the background adds a whole new level of realism along with the awkward movements necessary to maintain balance aboard an unlevel ship! (Jimbo) - x

Craption #3


1. The only way we can communicate with Mexicans now days is through absurd signage like this. (Jimbo) - 1
2. The sign makers could have been less graphic by instead saying "THERE IS NO BATHROOM." (DK) - 1
3. That man has just poo'd out Stan's hat from South Park. (Mark) - 1
4. The director of 2 Boys 1 Sidewalk was heartbroken at having to find somewhere else for the day's shoot. (Ngamer) - 1
6. Sitting in piles of shit & pissing in holes - NOT allowed! (Cara) - 1
7. Well you can piss on that block, just don't hit the sign. (x) - 1
8. If your body is shaped like an S, you can't shit. If you're shaped like a P, you can't piss. Thems the rules. (QB) - 2
9. "A Time and place for everything... but not around the corner from trahv jaamas. (Ninja) - 1

Craption #2


1. Seeing Dayle in this setting is no surprise... but why is Come tackling her? (Ngamer) - 2
2. This is what happens when Jimbo tries to get on a horse. (Third) - 1
3. "You're doing it wrong." (Ninja) - 1
4. Ford's original emblem for the Mustang. (Jimbo) - 2
5. The horse owed QB some money. (DK) - 1
6. Experiments using horses as running backs went horribly wrong. (Cara) - x
7. The Broncos lose, 42-3. (QB) - 2
8. "Get off my property, inferior mortal human!" (Mgay) - x

Craption #1


1. Not even that ass could handle a load like that! (Jimbo) - 1
2. It's a new donkey high jump world record! (Third) - x
3. There was a problem delivering Jimbo's daily shipment of Hot Pockets. (DK) - 3
4. The Infil bandwagon crashed! (Cara) - 1
5. Look! That man is wearing a scarf. (Mark) - 2
6. Delivery services have attempted to go green, but nobody has told them that horses can't fly yet. (Mgay) - 1
7. "They've got powerlines?" (Ninja) - 1
8. Bringing home Jim's groceries from the supermarket proves troublesome yet again. (QB) - x