2008 Craption Tuesday

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It's 2008 Craption Tuesday! Let's see who came up with the best captions for these 10 (plus TB) images!

Final Results

1. Ngamer - 19 pts
2. Graves - 16 pts (won TB)
3. Matis the Karter - 16 pts
4. Jack - 14 pts
5. Thingy - 10 pts
6. Third - 8 pts
7. Brutus - 4 pts
7. octo - 4 pts
7. Goose - 4 pts
10. Comet - 2 pts
10. Luke - 2 pts
12. Robin - 1 pt
12. wheat - 1 pt
12. drag - 1 pt

Craption Tiebreaker

to decide second place


1. This is what happened when Phelps knocked up a Chinese woman. (Matis) 2
2. "Can I get the one on the right with duck sauce?" "Yes, but it will cost you 50 cents extra." (Graves) 4

Craption #10


1. "Should we arrest em or sleep with em?" "Well we're off duty in 5 minutes" "Yeah, I've never slept with a policeman before" (Thingy) 3
2. And here we have 3 girls that are way too old for Goose. (drag) 1
3. I just came. (Matis) 1
4. The police had to be called in after the Elite Sea Team's Super Bowl celebration got a little too rowdy. (Ngamer) 2
5. There are eight ninjas hidden in this picture. Can YOU find them all? (Jack) 1
6. This week on Survivor: Fetish Island... (Graves) 2
7. "Yeah, this guy was going almost 100 on the highway, I flagged him down and scratched him $220..." "DUDE, CAMEL TOE!" (Third)
8. "ok, what can we arrest them for?" "hmm, I think we can get them for loitering" "yeah maybe we'll just give them a little talking to" "and Farva, NO REPEATER" (Goose)

Craption #9


1. Just a normal weekend activity for Alec and his friends. (wheat)
2. Remember those flashes of light on the X-Files? Well this is what you couldn't see under the bright lights! (Thingy)
3. Little known fact: Perfect Ace engages in a short ritual before setting every new World Record. (Ngamer) 4
4. "Dude, what is that?" "I don't know, but I have to pee." (Third) 2
5. Apple is up an unprecidented 300%! (drag)
6. At least its not spin the bottle. (Matis) 2
8. A new experimental method, teaches kids to read by blinding them. The results, are a little on the weird side, admittedly. (Jack) 2

Craption #8


1. Uh...I'll take some chicken. (Third) 2
2. At least the flies will eat this shit. (octo)
3. The brains of the KotH crew. Corey's is in the top left corner. (Thingy) 2
4. Jimbo's idea of a very very fine restaurant dinner. (wheat) 1
6. The economic recession has hurt everyone, but zombie supermarkets seem to be weathering the storm better than most other businesses. (Ngamer) 3
8. A zombie's Paradise. (Jack)
9. Mmmmm brains. *drools* (drag)
10. Mad cow brains on sale! (Matis)

Craption #7


1. Ghosts... busted! (Ngamer) 1
2. All right, let's see if a lightbulb really does fit in here... (Third) 3
3. What REALLY happened on Fight Club. (Thingy) 1
4. HOLY FUCK there's a cigarette butt in the left corner. (Goose) 1
5. Man I love watching cave painting porn. (drag)
6. I fisted a girl. And I liked it. (Matis)
7. There's a silhouette in this picture? Damn, I was busy ogling the cigarette butt. (Jack)
8. It was humiliating enough WITHOUT the workers painting around them. (Graves) 3
9. A little farther.... (octo) 1

Craption #6.


1. I can't pee with everyone looking at me! (drag)
2. Come on guys! Just 85 gallons more before we can go swimming! (Jack) 4
3. "...I...I can't go... I can't go in public... I get nervous." (Goose)
4. Look STRAIGHT DOWN, dammit! (Graves) 3
5. "I've got a HUGE cock" "Yeah, but I can piss farther." (Thingy)
6. Alright, now where do i take a poo? (Matis)
7. "Damn, it smells bad." "Dude, come back later. People shit in here too." (Third)
8. This is the neighboring city's aqueduct, right? (octo) 3

Craption #5


1. And who said you couldn't have any fun at a gay pride parade? (octo)
2. Sequel to Sackboy's adventure in LittleBigWorld: LittleBigVaginas. (Thingy) 1
3. Fuck this... this is honestly pathetic. (Goose)
4. Wait- this is the Boston Marathon? I thought we were in New Orleans? Balls! (Jack) 2
5. The wild vaginas thought they could escape the hunter's detection by blending into a parade. Unfortunately it was that time of the month; the hunters followed the blood trail directly to their hideout. (Ngamer) 3
6. I am speechless. (Third)
7. That's one happy clitoris! (Matis) 2
8. OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo. (Graves) 1

Craption #4


1. I wish someone would pump my gas... (that's the guy talking) (third)
2. You want gas!?!? Then talk to the face. The hand's.... occupied. (Jack)
3. You can't waste gas when SpongeBob is watching! The kids would go mad! (Thingy)
4. The rising cost of gas drove Mr. Blue away from Crystal Pink forever. (Brino)
5. "I've been twice as popular as you today Mary." "Shut the fuck up Jim." (Luke)
6. I came looking for PEZ, and all I got was gas? (octo) 3
7. The pump on the left sometimes finishes prematurely. The pump on the right rarely finishes at all. (Ngamer) 3
8. The pink one strangely has more gas. (Matis) 2
9. I. Drink. Your. Gasoline. I DRINK IT UP. (Graves) 1

Craption #3


1. The statue that was erected to memorialize the park bench where Goose lost his virginity wasn't QUITE anatomically correct. 2 (Ngamer)
2. This is Jimbo, who is a dumb guy, getting raped by a goose, which is unusual. (Brino) 1
3. Deepthroat. (Luke) 1
4. That woman is freakin' huge. (Third)
5. Goose's first sexual encounter.....he's on bottom. (Thingy) 1
7. Above: Artist's rendition of the War of 1812; which the Canadians won by loosing their army of trained militant geese. 3 (Jack)
8. You too can have your most intimate moments forever captured in chocolate. And put on display in a public park. (Graves)
9. The goose was the best thunder thighs could find. (Matis the Karter) 2

Craption #2


1. So THIS is where I came from.... (Jack)
2. Now we all know why they're called a Wiener Dog. (Thingy) 2
3. The girl was about to venture into the dogs gigantic gaping anus but Scott who was already residing there shooed her away. (Brutus) 4
4. Is there candy inside?' "Yes, liquid candy. (Third) 1
5. It looks like mummys daddy! (Luke)
6. Goatse; or what goose will never experience. (Goose)
7. You've heard, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth?" Well... (Graves) 2
8. But mommy, I asked where babies come from. (Comet)
9. Mommy, can I borrow your lipstick? (Matis the Karter) 2

Craption #1


  1. First Human Tetris made TV, Human Sex will be coming next Fall! (Thingy)
  2. Upon seeing this image, Nate Stinson commented "please don't give the boys ideas for Virginia '09, one glimpse of Jimbo's ass crack is more than enough to petrify 12 oxen" (Goose) 2
  3. Please don't let me get Free Spin. Oh God, please don't let me get Free Spin. (Graves) 2
  4. You don't even KNOW what they have to do when it lands on pink... (Ngamer) 1
  5. Spin the wheel and see who loses their pants! (Third)
  6. I don't know why Jim, but this is giving me a stiffy (Jack) 2
  7. Fucking Oroumov in public? (Luke) 1
  8. If you can read this, you're doing it wrong. (Comet) 2
  9. Left nut, blue! (Matis the Karter) 2